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    Road Player High Figured Bacote Arnot Cue

    Specs Road Player Custom Cue signed by Arnot Good condition Forearm: Extremely High figured Bacote aged Wood* Butt Sleeve:*Extremely High figured Bacote aged Wood w/ Maple Ring w/ 16 Ebony Arrowheads inlays Joint Pin: 3/8 Radial Pin Joint Collar: Maple w/ 4 Ebony Arrowheads inlayed and ebony...
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    Early Tim Scruggs

    Specs 4-Point Very Early Tim Scruggs Cue Good condition Forearm: Birds Eye Maple Point Wood: 4 Long Ebony Wood Points w/ 4 veneers black, red, gray, red w/ 4 MOP Notched Diamond Inlays Butt Sleeve: Ebony w/ 4 Big Ivory Windows w/ 4 MOP Notched Diamond Inlays Joint Pin: Big 3/8 x 10 Joint...
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    Early Tim Scruggs Cue 4 pointer with 4 veneers and Inlays

    no longer on ebay thanks for looking
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    <------ Monster Loaded 4 Point Jerry Olivier Cue ------>

    <------ High End 4 Point Jerry Olivier Cue ------> No longer available thank you for looking
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    6 point AE Ebony Cue

    Sold sold sold thank you
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    <------------6 Point AE Ebony Cue------------>

    Cue is no longer available thanks for viewing
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    <-----------Monster 8 point Josswest Cue---------->

    <-----------Monster 8 point Josswest Cue lots of Ivory----------> Cue is no longer available
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    <----------Loaded High End Russ Espiritu 6 point Cocobolo Cue--------->

    <----------High End Russ Espiritu 6 point Cocobolo Cue---------> High End Russ Espiritu 6 point Cocobolo Cue All white is ivory except the butt cap. This cue has 3 high and 3 low ivory points with six ivory spears on the tips surrounded by ebony veneer. It has fancy ringwork on 3 positions of...
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    <------Beautiful High End Loaded Monster Jerry Olivier Custom Cue------>

    <------Beautiful High End Loaded Jerry Olivier Custom Cue------> Beautiful High End Loaded Monster Jerry Olivier Cue This gorgeous cue is in Mint Condition and loaded with ivory. All white is ivory including joint and butt cap. This is truly one of Jerry's master piece cues I've ever laid my...
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    Beautiful Jerry Rauenzahn -R- cues

    Three Beautiful pointed cues for sale. I wish I could keep them all but unfortunately I have to let them go. All 3 butts are in mint condition. Everything rolls straight together and apart. First is a 4 point ebony cue with highly figured Birds eye maple forearm with 4 veneers black, green...
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    Phillippi 4 Point Ebony Jump/Break cue

    gone gone gone
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    Ned Morris

    This is a Beautiful Ned Morris Custom 8 point cue with black lizard leather wrap. This monster cue is made of Highly figured Thuya Burl with both pink ivory and holly points, rings and arrows with natural and black veneers. It also has elk horn joint and butt cap along with elk horn rings...
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    Ariel Carmeli Level 6 Over 80 inlays

    Ariel Carmeli cue loaded with ivory inlays in good condition. It has some light scratches some and scuff marks. See photos. Cue rolls straight together and apart. Highly figured Birdseye maple forearm. 4 long ebony points with 4 veneers of natural, orange, red and black 4 ivory spearheads in...
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    Ariel Carmeli Cue for sale

    gone gone gone
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    Meucci Pro Series 1 BMC Pool Cue with Pro Shaft & Signed Bob Meucci

    Gone......gone.....gone....thank you for viewing and happy holidays
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    2011 Dave Barenbrugge Custom Cue

    this cue goes back into my collection and no longer available for sale
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    Phillippi Custom Cue Combo including Phillippi Custom Break Cue

    both cues are sold thank you
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    <> Arnot Q Wadsworth Bacote Road Player Supreme <>

    thanks for looking
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    <---> Ned Morris 8 Point Custom Cue <--->

    cue is sold thank you for looking