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    Hours, weeks, months, years, and I’m still lousy

    I often muse on the saying "Pool is a simple game played by complicated people". I kinda like that. Simplifies the concept that we often 'overthink' the game and that's what lands us in trouble. Keep it all as simple as possible - let the CB do what it wants, commit to the stroke, don't use a...
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    Bring Back Hustling Culture

    There is much to be credited in your excellent article regarding 'hustling'. You mention referees, and 'bouncers', both great ideas but did you stop to consider that they might want to A qualified referee (and I would consider no other) does cost quite a bit and would drain the...
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    Crazy amount of practice

    Nothing personal, but it's all a question of how badly you want something. We can all find excuses for NOT doing something, but what makes the elite special is that they have that special drive and determination to succeed - NO MATTER WHAT (negative comments, injury, disability, etc). They are...
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    Crazy amount of practice

    AND their major pastime! They play a form of rotation at all their recreational hang-outs. No wonder they are amazing players.
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    Crazy amount of practice

    Yes - very true.
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    Crazy amount of practice

    Oh, I don't know. Concert pianists practice for 6-10 hours, EVERY day, especially before a concert. 6-time World Snooker Champion, Steve Davis, said he would stroke the cue ball up and down over the spots on the table for at least an hour every day, to the point of wearing a groove in the cloth...
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    Allison vs Jean?

    This is like trying to decide who was the greatest in snooker - Joe Davis, or his names' sake Steve Davis, or now Stephen Hendry or Ronnie. The simple fact is that BOTH games and the conditions under which it is played have changed dramatically over the years, and ever more rapidly with...
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    Precision placing, and F.O.A.B.

    I'm so glad to see that referees in pool are starting to use ball makers. I can't understand why they didn't do this years ago like the snooker referees. I found the 'open hand' technique somewhat laughable, not to mention inaccurate, as one hand is always out of action! Anyway, great step...
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hi! I love playing pool (high 14/1 run=52 and snooker (high break = 82). I play in TAP leagues and have been to Vegas a few times with the APA (now no longer a member) I became a US citizen last year, but as I am originally a Brit, I love watching snooker on TV and am a huge fan of Ronnie...
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    How common are break cues amongst avid amateur players in the US?

    I guess it depends on how hard you can (or wish) to break. I do not possess a strong break (I'm working on it!) but I still managed to shatter the ferrule on my playing cue, partly just because I was really too 'lazy' to use my break cue, and partly because I got better control with my regular...