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    looking for Predator LE 11

    Pls email pics to Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    30 inch Pre cat Shaft 5/16-14 Silver ring

    Anyone have one they want to sell? 12.6 upwards only pls.
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    Used Lambros LD ultimate joint

    Anyone willing to sell one? Must be the NON-spliced version pls. silver-copper-silver ringwork preferred but not necessary.
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    Lambros Ultimate over Ultra

    Hey peeps just wondering if theres anyone else out there who likes Mike's ultimate joint over the ultra? I have tried both and I like ultimate better. I know Ultras are the more favorite. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mike Capone

    Anyone been in contact with Mike lately? Im not getting any response from him for 2 cues I sent over a year ago for repair/refinish. Last I heard was that they are done but been following up, no response.
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    LF Mezz Deep Impact II shaft

    LF Mezz Deep Impact II shaft
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    Re-taper a Lambros Standard Shaft

    Just throwing this out there... Just wanna know if anyone has tried re-tapering a Lambros Standard shaft and care to share the result? Thanks, Raymond
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    WTB - 314 cat shaft for Schon ( 5/16-14)

    Looking for one. Must be 12.75 or bigger. Mint - good. New ( old stock)/Unhit - better Mint with Schon mark - best New/Unhit Schon Mark - heaven. willing to pay good money.
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    WTB -TAD 31 in shaft

    Preferably 70's ringwork. PM what you got. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB SS360/2 3/8x11

    Pls PM me with specs. Don't care abt the ringwork. Thanks. Sent from my Lenovo S650 using Tapatalk
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    P2 Black, Kaiser K822 cue with Predator Shaft 314-2, Butt Predator QR1

    Private Message sent.
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    Satin butt question

    Hi experts, Hope someone can confirm this for me... Im looking to get a used shaft for my satin. Someone has offered to sell his but when Ive tried it on my satin, I noticed the shaft diameter ( at the joint) is bigger, about 0.75mm than of the butt. He said the shaft came from a 6 pointer...
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    Shipping information for Mike Capone

    Hi guys, I hope I'm on the right section here but does anyone know? I have a couple of his cues due for a refinish. He has replied when we were talking about costs etc. But haven't replied yet re his shipping info. Thanks, Iksnom Sent from my Lenovo S650 using Tapatalk
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    WTT 2011 Steve Klapp 5 pointer

    Wanting to trade with a simple Jacoby with Hybrid edge shaft. PM me what you got also your email so I can send photos. Prefer wrapless. Must be radial pin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTT - Klapp for a nice 3x6 custom case

    Looking to trade for a nice 3x6 custom case Klapp ( 2 shafts) PM to discuss. Thanks.
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    Unknown tip

    Hi, anyone know what brand these are? TIA
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    On a hunt for an Olney

    Any SW-styled, 1 veneered Olney out there? Pics and specs to pls. Thanks! PS: Pls dont get put off by my -itrader Ive brought that up with the house pro - PM if confused and/or wondering.
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    LTT Blackpearl for a SW-styled Olney

    Hi guys, As the title says. Specs: Cocobolo and snakewood bordered with white phenolic, and curved diamond inlays. Cocobolo forearm with six floating inlays and alternate with diamonds, same for the buttsleeve, ABCDE ringwork, wrapless stripe ebony handle, linen black joint and buttcap...
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    Please help ID this cue.

    Anyone have any ideas? Ill post some more photos soon. thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cue possibly lost in (or before) transit?

    Hey guys! Just wanting to see if anyone else has had the same experience? Comments and suggestions are welcome too. Ok Ive just recently completed a trade with a seemingly nice and honest guy from the US ( Im from New Zealand). This is my first very trade - overseas or otherwise. Short version...