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    So, are the old Gandy Big G tables really all that bad?

    Gandys also only have 2 rails bolts vs 3 on a GC.
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    Rails on table too low.

    I had a custom made table installed about 8 months ago. It is a 92' table with k-55 superspeed cushions. The table was made by a local company and I dont want to say their name. I don't want to deal with them at all anymore because they originally provided a warped slate and I was treated...
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    Table plays funny

    I had a custom made table installed about 8 months ago. It is a 92' table with k-55 superspeed cushions. Anyways the problem is it plays very short and the rails are very fast. I dont play near as good as I used to on the old table (which had beat up cushions) I had that didn't play as short...
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    Best replacement cushions to increase rail speed for Brunswick table

    The nose height is what makes cushions play faster or slower. I'm guessing he installed the k66 without converting the subrails and the cushions are now up too high. You want to have them replaced with correct k55 cushions. Like superspeed.
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    FS 12.4 Uniloc Revo Shaft

    Barely used. Didn't like it as a player so I put an icebreaker break tip on it and tried it as a breaker and didn't like it either. So now its for sale. 12.4mm Revo Good condition. Uniloc joint White Vault Plate Icebreaker phenolic tip. $340 paypal only.
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    WTB 11.8 Uniloc Revo

    Looking for 11.8 Uniloc Revo w/ WVP in good condition.
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    10 foot table 9 ball high run?

    I've run a 2 pack of 9-ball on a 10 footer with 5 inch pockets. The pocket size is what really makes the difference in difficulty....
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    Are bar tables hurting the game

    They are an outlier case obviously. The amount of tables that exist of this size pockets are obviously about in proportion to 9 footers with the same size pockets: rare. Actually I would say around here they are even rarer.
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    Are bar tables hurting the game

    The margin of error is not the same though, it might be for pocketing balls, but that is the easiest part of this game.
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    Are bar tables hurting the game

    Yup, he is comparing two extremes and making a generalization about it.
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    Are bar tables hurting the game

    The difficulty might be the same for pocketing but there is much more to this game than pocketing. Lets apply that MOA stuff to position play. The reason it works is because there is a linear relationship. Well the same thing goes for position play but in reverse. Basically if you are off a...
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    Are bar tables hurting the game

    Except you cant reach all those 'same length' shots on a 9 foot. So its not the same. Also, the ability to cheat the pocket is important too. On a smaller table you can get much more out of a pocket cheat with the same size pockets as a larger table. I do agree though that a smaller table...
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    Earl on time clocks and extensions

    Everything Earl suggests for the game is self serving. If Earl could play alright with a 7 second clock it would be 7 seconds. Earl likes to propose changes to the game he thinks will bring everyone else down to his level so he can win again like in his prime then someone challenges him on it...
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    Rating Inflation in FargoRate

    Yup. If suddenly all the players over 700 died tomorrow and were removed from the system then everyone would bump up and the 690s would become 800s...
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    shaft diameter

    This is the correct answer. Its amazing how many people believe the more spin from a smaller tip or softer/harder tip BS myth but then they change their equipment and their game stays exactly the same....then they change their equipment again and have the same results but they still insist this...
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Here is an obvious point about the juicing of the table: How many people here set their personal high run on a table using a triangle rack? Now how many people here set their high run using a template or a sardo rack? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Isn't it pretty strange that the...
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Just watch it. When the balls are all tightly touching they come apart cleaner with less clustering. If there was no advantage to using the template racks do you really think they would have used them? There is an obvious advantage. As for your better equipment and training remark look at it...
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    Larry Nevell

    I'm sorry. I posted this not realizing I was in a thread other than the absurd high run thread.
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    January in Virginia? Anyone that has played in a cold winter climate knows the heat is on and the rooms are dry in January. Do you realize how absurd you sound.... Why didnt you make the date of the event March 20th in Virginia? I know why. Because this is between seasons and not a good...
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    The difference is in the major sports everyone gets to play with the new equipment. Only a select few players got to play with this stuff and then they dismanted it....I wonder why?.... If they made a new ballpark with 300 foot fences and everyone on the home team had a 70 home run season it...