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    Three point break rule.................

    3 point rule what a joke, its like flipping a coin to see who wins its got nothing to do with games being played..
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    results and payouts

    2021 U S open 9ball in atlantic city results and payouts??
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    Anyone know the payout for us open 9ball in atlantic city?
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    Let's talk chalk

    Predator blue is just for you....
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    yes I have an exemption medically, for not wearing one, would they honor it,meaning the pool hall......
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    I have a medical exemption for not wearing a mask,will the business accept that??
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    14.1 world championship

    Just curious if 9 Ball Heaven in Jacksonville fla,can accomadate a large crowd to view this event.if anyone can give any info on this room it would be helpful.. Thanks
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    World 14.1

    Is 9 ball heaven in Jacksonville ,where straight pool tournament is, able to accommadate a large crowd for this venue? Any info would be appreciated on this.. thanks
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    Mr 600

    wheres the dvd of his run ,should be out by now...………….
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    Johns dvd

    When will it be out for 626 run?
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    any top pros in central fla. area around leesburg,villages area give lessons... Thanks
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    sunshinestatepool tour

    march 23..24 in Orlando...any info would b just says Orlando fl, talkabout great advertising..
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    where can you find the players list for 14,1 event coming upsoon?
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    Ball in Hand

    anyone know about what year ball in hand took effect..:wink:
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    How come there is not a results section on this forum for all events advertised here.. Its very hard to find out who wins these tournaments>>>
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    Anyone refer me to an Instructor in Ocale,Gainesville Fla. area, In search of advanced lessons. Thanks
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    dale perry cues

    now you have to buy a free stage upgrade shaft ,same price but cant get custom shaft,only 13mm will be sent..
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    anyone know of good instructors in central fla.,leesburg,the villages area..
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    What would be the next best cloth other than Simonis?
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    accu stats

    How come accu-stats did not cover the 14.1 championships in New Jersey this year? So there will probably be no dvds available for these matches...Any one know what happened...