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    Found my lost treasure!

    Grady was a one-of-a kind!
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    How would you play this shot?

    Ya roll that one with a level cue. They're playing on new cloth with recently leveled tables. It's a no brainer.
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    Framed Autographed Pro Player Prints for Sale

    My wife and I are downsizing and I have to give up my poolroom. I have a collection of 13 framed, autographed pro-player prints for sale. Corey Deuel and Johnny Archer are not autographed. If interested, please respond.
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    Starting a Office Pool League / Ranking system
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    Vasectomy and pool

    Real men jog home after their vasectomies. Suck it up, buttercup. 🤪
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    Realistically, what should promoters focus on when it comes to pro pool?

    To interest the general public, it doesn't matter what game is played, the size of the table, the rules, etc. They want to watch THE MONEY and have a personal connection to THE PLAYERS. If they're playing for huge amounts of money and the players are showman, rather than emotionless robots...
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    billiard tables in famous objects like castles, palaces etc.

    The Breakers' billiard room in Newport RI is amazing, but no carom table.
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    Mark Twain

    Cowboy maybe?
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    table Imperial or Olhausen

    Again: What is your budget?
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    Y'all Are in Trouble Now

    My wife went to 20/10 vision in both eyes after hers. Good luck!
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    A moment of revelation

    I just don't see it, Jay. Safeties are not good television.
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    Anyone Else Notice Seyberts Drastic Cue Price Increases?

    Get used to it. COVID supply chain issues and too many dollars chasing too few products equals INFLATION. And now we're working on creating several trillion dollars out of thin air. Welcome back to the 70s.
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    Conditions to participate in the upcoming U.S. Open

    It's obvious they're trying to hurt the US International Open and the US 10-Ball Open, etc. My pal and I were thinking of going to this year's event as spectators. Not anymore.
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    I Love This Game, But ......

    I have a good friend who has Benign Essential Tremors. He's looking at trying one of the two new treatments: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Targeted (Focused) Ultrasound. Here's a link to a video about DBS: Here's a link to a video about Targeted Ultrasound: You may want to ask your...
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    Snooker’s Mark Williams defends his break tactics

    Snooker has some major flaws in its rules.
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    Bob Jewett Recieves BCA President's Award

    VERY well deserved!
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    Small US Open Field

    Was just looking at the US Open website and noticed that there are only 109 players entered as of 9/29 -- and this figure includes those past champions who will not actually be playing (Sigel, etc.). Ugh! I wonder if this list is really up to date. I hope not...
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    How To Contact Diana Hoppe?

    I purchased some photographs from Diana Hoppe at the 2003 US Open and would like to buy some more. However, I lost the business card she gave me. Does anyone have her contact info?