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    Pool fads?

    Hey, I've got a Sardo rack! Wish I had the "original" (titanium, IIRC, $$$$)!
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    What is a good way for a low-level player to handle unwanted advice?

    The OP didn't mention if he was playing in a league match, or just "banging balls", but this (for me anyway) seems to be an important distinction: IF you're playing in a TEAM event/match, I would say you should Expect the coaching/advice (especially if given by a higher skilled player). Whether...
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    Alcano and Raga banned from Sharks events

    Hope somebody finds the lost porpoise!
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    EU Sanctions and the Mosconi Cup

    This is supposed to be a BILLIARDS forum, people! The OP said, in so many words, "NO POLITICAL RANTS". Does this forum have any moderator(s)? Why haven't these s*** posts been removed, NOT for political point-of-view, but for violating the request of the OP, and the nature of this forum...
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    Top 10 Reasons to Use an Open Bridge

    Yet another great video, Dr Dave! I tended to use an open bridge most of the time because I hated the "sticky hand" problem and the mess of using talc etc. Then, probably around 2000, seeing Allison Fisher use a glove for the first time, I decided to try it: this made Huge improvement in the...
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    Thinking that the game is "easy" - especially newbies after watching some pro's on TV running rack after rack. Typically these are the guys who, after missing a couple of legitimately tough shots, end up breaking their cues and walking out of the poolroom. :)
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    From beginner to APA4

    APA National Team Manual says "generally, players start as SL3"; ... LO *may* start a player at a higher SL if appropriate). I joined APA 16 years ago as a SL4, because at that time "guys start at 4, women start at 3"; I'm not sure if that was the National guideline at the time, or if the local...
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    9' Table Allergy?

    I recently read a (topic unrelated to this, per se) post here where someone mentioned that he's "deathly afraid" (paraphrasing) of 9' tables, and will only play on 7' bar boxes. I think he mentioned 8-ball as a favorite game, IIRC. I just cringed a little bit when I read that, but after...
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    Rolling-Cue-Ball CAROM ANGLE Systems

    Dr Dave!!! Great video! As usual, I learned something new from ya today! Man, that Coriollis dude was a real genius, eh? Thanks for the refinement of the 2/7 estimate... that's really spot on! :)