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    Skinny or Thin Cue handles - Production cues

    First, best wishes for a new year to the AzB community! I did search AzB forums and got several hits, but most were referring to Custom cues and some discussions are now dated because either the Cue maker is now famous and has a long wait list or no longer has a website. Hence starting this new...
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    Shifty Bridge

    I have kids who I want to get interested in pool. The two boys are very young (4 & 6) and the girl has disabilities. I could never get them to hit the ball.. they were just sliding the balls in or missing completely ... getting frustrated and not wanting to learn. This was till I came across a...
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    Pool repair in Maryland

    I am new to Maryland (Columbia area) and need to get my pool table fixed (not assembled) .. there is a structural damage. Who would be the best person to go to? I was assigned Artisan restoration by the insurance company / moving company who seem to specialize in Antiques. Thanks in advance.
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    Play Shafts as Break Shafts

    I have a few extra shafts that are lying around. These came with some cheaper cues that I had bought when I was a newbie to the game (still learning and will continue to). I was thinking of making use of these shafts as a break shaft for trying out different break tips. If I change (done by...
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    360 Pure Stroke Trainer - Joint Pin Question

    I tried searching but couldn't find which pin it uses! I have the cue but the shaft that it comes with is 13mm+ and I intend to replace it with a thinner shaft, hence the question. It certainly is not 5/16 x 14 and neither is it 3/8 x 10 ... those shafts I have didn't fit. My guess is that it...
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    Where to buy billiards (Japanese products) goods in Tokyo?

    There is a chance that I may go to Tokyo on a business trip. If not myself, my colleague at work is certainly going. I hope someone from this forum can tell me where to buy billiards goods in Tokyo?
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    Turn down OB-2 shaft?

    I bought a slightly used OB-2 shaft. I have gotten used to the slimmer Mezz and OB+. This one I believe is 12.75 or 13mm. Knowing that the ferrule is the wood / linen material, is it possible and would it be ok to have it turned down? This will be done by an experienced cue maker. Want to make...
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    Vendor Booths at APA Nationals - Riviera?

    Going to APA nationals first time ever and was wondering if there are billiard booths of Vendors - retailers or Manufacturers / OEMs? If yes then are these typically where the APA national events (in this case Riviera) are held or are they all over the strip Hotel Casinos? Whereas I searched...