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    value advice on Brunswick? snooker pool score keeper.

    I just bought an antique snooker or pool score keeper. Hoping someone on here can give me an idea on its value. I purchased it from a guy with a 1930's Brunswick snooker table. This is not something I need and just want to be fair with trading. There are no names or markings on it.
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    Gold Crown 3 For Sale or Trade.. Louisville KY

    I have a Brunswick Gold Crown 3 Pool table for sale. It is a 4 1/2 X 9. It comes with the light, a rack of balls and 2 house sticks. This table is set up for the serious player. It has ball return, shimmed pockets and Simonis cloth. I am open to trades, so let me know what you have to offer...
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    Cue values??

    I am a long time lurker, first time seller. I feel its time to try and sell a few cues. I really don't know what they are worth. Please take a look and help me out. I know what I've paid over the years, but not sure what to ask. The Brunswick Gold Crown in the back of the last pic is for...