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    Tournament in Germany including Reyes & Bustamante

    Hey guys, I doubt it gets much love in the European Tournament section, so I thought I post it here. The "German Tour" final event is only a few weeks away and what a great tournament it is Held over 5 days near Frankfurt it features 312 of Germany's best players - and not only Germans. Since...
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    Breaking down GCIII - novice advice

    I need help breaking down not one, but two Gold Crown III in a hurry... I run a private club and we normally hire a professional mechanic for re-felt, but we have a tournament on Saturday running into the evening and get 5 new tables delivered on Sunday morning... So I have manpower available...
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    14.1 World Tournament Qualifier Germany

    Here's a match from the Berlin, Germany 14.1 World Tournament qualifier played at Bata Billiards in Berlin, Germany. It's the only full match I found on youtube and shows the qualifier Frank Scharbach securing his ticket to this years tournament...
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    German Premierleague videos

    I thought I share the videos of Germany's recent premierleague matches with you It's probably hard to navigate for people not speaking German but I try to navigate you If you click on the logos on the bottom of the video player you find the...
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    German Premierleague videos

    Finally the straight pool matches of the recently held matchday of the German Premierleague are available on youtube and even in HD Please bear in mind that the straight pool matches were not played on the TV-Table so the videos start somewhere in between as the crew of "poolstage" quickly...
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    German Premierleague with Feijen, Ortmann, Ederer Jentsch Begins in 25min
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    German Premierleague

    German Premierleague matches can be watched live and for free now! The first match starts at 11am CET (6am EST) and a second match is shown today at 6pm CET (1pm EST) Tomorrow two more matches are held at 9am CET (4am EST) and 2pm CET (9am EST) The...
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    German Championships - 14.1, 8-Ball, 9-Ball

    I just wanted to keep you guys in touch with what happens in Germany. The National Championships take place at the moment and the straight pool competition finished yesterday Young Manuel Ederer won the final 150:-1 against Kevin Becker in the 5th inning. Ederer ran 111 in the final which was...
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    German Championships - 150 and out from Jentsch

    Just a little update on the German Championships which were completed by todays 9-Ball finals. Dominic Jentsch ran 150 and out in the first inning of his semi-final match against Andreas Roschkowsky Roschkowsky didn't have the chance to show his skills in the semis, but he advanced into this...
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    Brunswick European 10-Ball Open

    After the very successful 10-Ball Masters held in Cologne, the next 10-Ball tournament is right in front of the door. Souquet took the title and the 3.500 Euros in Cologne and will be present again. This time his aim is to collect the 5.000 Euros winner prize of the Brunswick European 10-Ball...
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    Cue made by two cuemakers - Eurowest and Arthur

    Alongside the 10-Ball Masters held in Cologne (won by Souquet) Eurowest Cues and Arthur Cues presented a cooperation and put two cues into a lottery and the money earned was given to the cancer unit of the Cologne Children's hospital The cues are Plain Janes worth around 750 Euro considering...
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    10-Ball - Souquet plays german youngster for 3,500

    Race to 10, Souquet leads 8:6 against Sebastian Staab Winner takes 3,500 Euros, runner-up receives a 2,000 euro cheque Staab won 8:4 against Feijen in the quarter finals
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    What shall I buy? Espiritu or Carmeli

    I'm just thinking about getting a mid-range cue sooner or later as I'm not too happy with the look of my Mezz Z606. It's a great hitting cue for sure, even more after Eurowest installed an Elforyn ferrule on one of my WD700's, but every time I look at the cue I notice the very big CNC radii of...
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    10-Ball $4.500 in Cologne, Germany

    10-Ball $4.500 in Cologne, Germany with Souquet, Feijen, van den Berg, Ortmann Registration is complete Here are the main contenders Ralf Souquet Niels Feijen Oliver Ortmann Nick van den Berg Nicolas Ottermann Sandor Tot Joern Kaplan Bernd Jahnke Andreas Roschkowski Christian Reimering...
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    Nice alternative breakball

    Opponent played this one against me 5 out of 5 times Can't remember the exact aiming point on the rack, but it works so frequently that it's really a weapon...