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    beque shaft 12.5mm and cue for sale

    the cue has been converted to 3/8 10 with a antler joint the cue also has 3 original shafts $600.00 plus shipping. I will also sell the Becue shaft alone!! 325.00 plus shipping will post photos shortly
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    A new room in Nashville

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    Any rooms in or near Gettysburg

    We are going to be in that area for 3 or 4 nights, so thought I would ask. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gold Crown 1 help needed

    I have it leveled and covered however what is the process to install the skirts on the rails? Can the rails be set on the table the skirts be set up under the rails some how or do the rails have to be upside down place the skirts in place and the flip over and the ball box last? Thanks for any...
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    a quick shout out

    for Jack Zimmerman, I took him my GC1 rails to him and he had them upgraded with new wood, rubber, cloth, and calibrated to 141 degrees and did it in record time! I am very impressed with the work he performed, I am now just waiting to put the table together latter this week! Thanks Jack...
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    rail rebuilding I should have asked here instead of main section

    what are some of the opinions of having the old monarch rubber saved but have the wood redone, refreshed in some way? and I know that there are different opinions about who would do it or who is the best at it! so I would like to hear the opinions of the people who do it what it might cost and...
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    Opinions on Rail rebuilders a can of worms?

    I am sure there are like most other things many opinions both good and bad! But would like to hear from some of you that have had it done, the Cost, Time involved, and the satisfaction of the work and I hope no one gets butt hurt ! I am still in the process of putting this GC 1 together and it...
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    Current upgrades to a gold crown one

    I have had to take my time putting this table together since picking it up in P A and hauling back to Tennessee. After I spoke with Glen I decided I would do the gusset route for supporting the aprons! Now I say for certain that some would say that a GC1 wouldn’t need to be gusseted and some...
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    needing some simonis

    I just bought a 9 foot gold crown 1 and want put 860 for it, what is the cost of the cloth running now? Thanks
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    a question about TAD Cues

    I like many others have always admired Tad cues could never afford one, so only admired from a distance. So my question is what have they used for the butt of the cue, it seems it would be to large for it to be ivory and wouldn't think they would use Delrin but I could be wrong but that is why...
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    what ype of indexable blades

    do some of you prefer to use while turning wood with a metal or other type of lathe including tip and ferrule work when you are doing with the lathe and not the router? Thanks
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    It has taken me longer

    than expected, but I finally have it coming together in spite of the naysayers I have some dialing to do that will take a bit longer, I am in rush to get it right!
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    LANGLEY's collet material

    is he still selling his collet material, I have found and sent contact info to him about his material.
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    All of you big lathe people what and where

    do you get your parting blades, turning and facing tools from? and what do most of you prefer, indexable, nondexable, HSS and cut your own on a grinder, and of course where you get your supplies from. Thanks
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    What is the usual finished

    dimension of the joint end as well as the finished dimension of the butt end of the cues that some of you build? I understand that wood type is going to play a big part of the final weight as to how it affects the total weight of the cue. Do any of you use the smaller dimeter as some type of...
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    I would like to discuss 2 subjects, extnsions and finishes

    As I am working on putting all the needed tooling to get my lathe up and running, I would like to discuss who sells the needed parts for extension building. As far as I know there are 2 different types of parts can be purchased for making an extension, outside of what the major producers sell...
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    tapering, taper bars and such

    this was being discussed the other as part of another subject and it was mentioned that the tail stock could be set up at an angle to accomplish tapering with out the need for taper bars. So as I was searching the web today for tooling for my lathe I ran across the item that I would post at the...
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    Another collet question

    I did some of the research to see what questions have been brought up in the past along with the answers. I am currently waiting on a lathe and of course it is not going to have any collets especially for cue work , I read the one thread where BarrenBurge cues had some mystery sauce type...
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    old school dufferin one piece cues

    Are they not totally obsolete, having been away for some 30 plus years I did not keep up with what has gone to China in a hand basket, or is there something close in manufacturing that resembles what was once a great in my opinion cue to make sneakies out of. Having gone back to bring myself up...
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    Router mount for standard metal lathe

    I have been thinking about picking up a lathe for metal work, but would also be used to do cue work as well, and would like to find a router mount that will work with the tool mounts. I have looked at some of the one's offered buy cueman and a few others but not sure if the will work? Can...