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    Dymondwood troubles

    Rutland Plywood burnt to the ground today. Looks like Atlas has doubled their price on all remaining stock and is looking for new supplier. Guess this means a price increase on jump and jump/break cues. I hope they can find another supplier soon.
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    Brickcues Dymondwood Jump/Breaks New

    I took some new pictures of my cues. The last 6 are under 19 OZ. Thanks for looking, AB
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    Brickcues dymondwood Jump/Breaks

    Always getting questioned on what I have in stock. Here are some pictures of what I have right now for sale. Thanks AB
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    Brickcues Dymondwood J/B

    Everyone keep asking what I have in stock. Here are some pictures of cues ready to go.
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    Pear Pano and Cue and Shaft machine f/s

    Hey guys here is a Pear Panograph with fixture for sale. Also have a shaft machine with extra saw blades and a few templates for turning squares round and for butt profile and 2 shaft profiles. Pick up only and I live around Nashville area. If interested make offer. Thanks, Alex Brick
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    Black delrin

    WTB a couple of inches of 1.38 black delrin to make butt cap. All I can find is a 48" rod which I will never use. Anyone got an inch or 2 to spare. Thanks, Alex
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    Mason Micarta Tube

    OK guys I finally got some micarta tube in (.562 od x .125 id.) Took me about 8 months to get it but I do have some for sale. They almost doubled the price as they said it is not a normal size and there is a lot of waste. I guess Mason complained about the ends being a different color, not...
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    Predator 314 First Generation Shaft FS

    I have a 314 Predator shaft that was made when Predator first came out. It is made to fit a Schon. Shaft looks great but is worn down to 11.8 mm at the ferrule. Just has "314" for logo.
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    Brickcues ebony & ivory

    Hey guys, just working on an ebony and ivory cue. Has ebony segmented handle with inlayed ring stock between. 96 inlays in ring stock with 54 inlays in the cue, ivory joint and butt cap. Enjoy...
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    New Brickcue

    Hey guys, just got finished with a cue for a well know player here in Nashville. Here are some pics without the wrap as all my wraps are at JOB Billiards in my repair shop. The cue is Cocobola with 12 points ivory with ebony and a purpleheart handle. Enjoy!!!
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    Brick Jump and Jump Breaks

    I have had a lot of request for what colors I have. Here are some pics of cues that I make with Dymondwood.
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    Brickcues Special Order

    Hey guys, here is a cue that I shipped today. Customer wanted a cue with the cork wrap moved back. Forearm is gaboon ebony with rings above and below wrap and at the joint. The rings are my alternating big small 12 slot ivory. Buddy Hall had a cue like this and he wanted one just like it. I...
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    Brickcues New Cue

    Here is another cue that I just sold. I need to learn how to take better pictures. African Black wood forearm with 9 points, curly maple over african blackwood on long point. Alternating ebony and curly maple diamonds in points. Buttsleeve has alternating curly maple and african blackwood...
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    Brickcues New Cue

    Here is a cue I finished not so long ago. African blackwood forearm with curly maple handle. 12 pt. high/low with 72 total inlays, 48 curly maple and 24 ebony. Cue weights 19 oz. neutral balanced.
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    Taper Machine and Panograph for sale

    I have a Pear Panograph up for sale and a home made taper machine with several taper bars for butts, shafts and straight edge. The Pear is about the size of a Gorton and weights about 1000 lbs. The taper machine has 14 in. saw blades and has 4 or 5 extra blades. These are only available for...