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  1. jmurphy

    My account was Hacked but I am now back in Control

    This is the REAL James Murphy. Thanks to the Moderators I have control of my account once again. I haven't been active in a very long time and would have never known my account had been hacked except for a phone call I received asking about the Cocobolo TAD the guy thought I had for sale. I...
  2. jmurphy

    Sold TAD Kohara Merry Widow

    TAD-1 19.2oz Tiger wood Irish Linen Wrap Big Pin Butt 15.6 Shaft#1 3.6 (13mm) Shaft#2 3.7 (13mm) Pm me if interested NO TRADES! thanks
  3. jmurphy

    South West Cue

  4. jmurphy

    Wrapless Predator 8 Point Midnight cue with REVO 12.4mm Shaft

    Like New Condition Wrapless 8 Point Midnight Cue with REVO 12.4 mm shaft Price Sold pending payment.
  5. jmurphy

    Wrapless Predator Road-line cue with REVO 12.4mm Shaft & BK RUSH

  6. jmurphy

    Wrapless Predator Road-line cue with REVO 12.4mm Shaft & BK RUSH

  7. jmurphy

    Need 4" rear extension

    I am picking up a new Predator cue. The 8 point wrapless ebony handle. Predator sells an 8" extension which is nice but I am looking for someone who can make a reasonable priced 4" extension I can use full time while playing.
  8. jmurphy

    Interested in a Predator SE-31

    Possible interested in getting a Predator SE-31 and a Revo 12.4mm
  9. jmurphy

    Beautiful Eddie Cohen Wrapless cue Ebony & Ca. Buckeye Burl

    Like New Eddie Cohen (Just refinished by Eddie a couple months ago) Original shafts only test hit as I used a Jacoby Hybrid shaft to play with. Weights & Measurements Cue 58", 18,7oz, Butt: 29", 15.2oz. Shafts: 1. 29", 3.5oz., 12.97mm. 2. 29", 3.5oz., 13mm. Description Forearm: Gaboon...
  10. jmurphy

    Awesome 60" Jim Pierce cue Ebony & Ca. Buckeye Burl

    Like brand new Jim Pierce cue (about 10 racks total played with this cue) This cue is in perfect shape as stated above only a few racks played. 6 point South West style cue. Gaboon Ebony and Ca. Buckeye Burl Weights & Measurements: 60" cue Butt: 30", 15.6 oz. Shafts: 1. 30", 12.99mm...
  11. jmurphy

    1980 Tad Cue with Original Receipt

  12. jmurphy

    3X6 JB Ultimate Rugged Case

    I have a 3X6 JB Ultimate Rugged Case. Real Tree Camo w/ Hunter Safety Orange Trim Interior is Black This case is used but in very good shape: NO Rips anywhere All Zippers work perfectly This Rugged case is fully loaded: Top Handle Side Handle Shoulder Strap 3 pocket set up 1. Top Pocket for...
  13. jmurphy

    Anybody else having issues with Jim Pierce?

    I met Jim Pierce back in November, he attended & was one of the sponsors of a local pool tournament at Griff's in Las Vegas. Jim seemed like a real personable guy and I hit some balls with his personal cue. His cue had a new prototype LD laminated shaft he had just started making himself. I...
  14. jmurphy

    Meucci cue model 9715 BD

  15. jmurphy

    Brunswick Gold Crown 3

    Gold Crown 3 for sale. $2,500 This table plays perfect 4 1/4" pockets (no shims) the rails were extended the proper way. Ernesto set this table personally. Also this table has a ton of Pool history in it. Big gambling matches by top Pros and world class hustlers like Jack Cooney were played on...
  16. jmurphy

    Mosconi Cup (another missed opportunity)

    I think we all can agree that Pool's popularity has been on the decline for a number of years now, that being said with an event such as the Mosconi Cup right here in Vegas not once did either team think to arrange any kind of meet and greet sessions at any of the local pool rooms to promote...
  17. jmurphy

    CSI Questionable use of the "US Open" name?

    I just left the RIO last night and the place looks great. It was awesome seeing some of the Pro matches however it seems like a lot of people are going to miss out on seeing the event live because it's being held before the BCALP "team" events get started. I guess that had to be done because...
  18. jmurphy

    Pool Table ID

    Is this a Brunswick Anniversary? Value?
  19. jmurphy

    Pool Table Question (which is worth more money?)

    So which able is worth more money? A. A fully restored like new GC1 B. A good condition GC3
  20. jmurphy

    Question for OB cues (This just boggles the mind)

    Before I have my little rant let me first say that living in Las Vegas I have had the pleasure of meeting Royce and the rest of the OB staff that works the booth at the BCA nationals several times now and they have always been very friendly and helpful. Now to my rant: LOL OB put their mark on...