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    Radial cue butt/pool cue

    Hello Azb, Im looking for a cue butt, or pool cue that has the predator/official uni radial pin that fits with the factory predator radial joints... Please reference pic below.... Let me know what you got , and your asking price via pm... Please note ,it must be 100% straight .. Thx for viewing.

    Galaxy Pool Ball Set (McDermott)

    Hello again AZB, Up for sale I have a used set of McDermott Galaxy Pool Balls , with original packaging. Everythings in good shape , except for the 6 ball which has a chip in it , please see pics below . I ONLY accept paypal from verified members, Ill take $145 via paypal f&f, or $155 via...

    Wtb:(New or ligthly used) Aramith Diamond Tv q-ball, Aramith black tournament q-ball

    Looking for the following aramith diamond tv cue ball. Aramith Tournament Black cue ball. Also looking for the dynasphere rotary cue ball New or used please respond via dm with offers. -Thx

    Sold Lucasi case-4x8

    Up for sale I have a used 4x8 lucasi case, brown/black, 6 storage pockets with zippers. This case retails for about 110 new, My price for the case is $70 shipped across the lower continental USA. The case has lots of life left & is in good condition. There is however a small tear on back hand...

    Wtb Predator Revo 12.4 bvp/or/wvp 3/8x10

    :Update: Im no longer seeking this item :::: Looking for a good price on a predator revo 12.4, 3/8×10, wvp or bvp. Must be 100% straight on and off the pin & in great condition.. (No flaws , no chips ,no cracks, no dings , no scratches ) Thx for viewing.

    Sold ::For Sale:: Mezz WD700 --&-- Predator 314-2

    !!Sold!! -Mezz WD700-!!Sold!! !!Sold!!-314-2-!!Sold!!

    New Bronze ,Silver ,and Gold, Team banner under screen names ..

    Hello Im looking for info on the new bronze,silver,gold,and team banner that are now found under screen names ??? Whats there purpose ? Im assuming the "bronze" is low posting members, "silver" are regular posting members, "gold" is high posting members , "team" is mods and admins ?...? How...

    Teague B.E.M. 3 Shaft

    Up for sale I have a Teague B.E.M.(Birds Eye Maple)-(A.K.A. Eye Shaft) 3 shaft, its a 3/8x10 joint,white collar, Kamui Black Hard tip, its been used about 4 or 5 times ,but has absolutely zero dings, zero scratches,zero flaws,, 100% straight on and off the butt.. Its signed by Dale Teague...

    Customized-Dominiak D3 Shaft - 3/8x10

    I have for sale a Customized Dominiak D3 Shaft,, its a 3/8x10 joint,, it has a maple ferrule,and is 30" in length.... In regards to low deflection It plays in between a original 314 and a 314-2 .. It has a fairly stiff hit, and the maple ferrule provides alot of feel,, meaning it has much more...

    Brunswick Gold Crown 1 or 2 ??

    Im looking for info on this table,, I know its a 9x4.5 ft Brunswick Gold Crown.. But what number is it 1 or 2 ?? Also is the playing surface bluestone, brunstone or slate ??

    SBX New date and locale..

    So I was browsing the net and found that the SBX is now going on in April, and is being hosted at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center in Edison NJ.. I for one am pleased to hear about the location change,, despite the additional 80 mile travel increase from Pittsburgh.. The last location...

    Mcdermott I-2 shaft (Literally Test hit once)

    SOLD!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!! Hello AZB, up for sale is a basically brand new Mcdermott I-2 shaft, 3/8x10, 12.75, pro taper, brand new Kamui II Brown medium.. This shaft is 100% STRAIGHT ON, and OFF the pin,, and literally was only test hit with for 20 minutes .. There is a sugar mark about 1inch...

    OB Classic Shaft -3/8x10- Barely Used

    I have for sale a almost new OB Classic Shaft , 3/8x10,LIKE NEW KAMUI BLACK MEDIUM on carbon fiber pad (12.75), 100% STRAIGHT ON and OFF THE PIN... I will also consider trades in the same pin size, Predator 314-2, Mezz wd700, solid black cue w/wrap ,100% STRAIGHT,THAT INCLUDES A 100% STRAIGHT...

    -The Eye Shaft- -Teague Custom Cues-

    Hello AZB, I've recently purchased a Birds eye shaft (aka-THE EYE SHAFT)from Dale Teague, founder of Teague Custom Cues.. I wanted to share the specs,and my thoughts, and opinions on this shaft ,as well as the Maker it comes from.. The Eye Shaft is made of 100% High Quality birds eye...

    -The EYE Shaft- from Teague Custom Cues

    Hello AZB, I've recently purchased a Birds eye shaft (aka-THE EYE SHAFT)from Dale Teague, founder of Teague Custom Cues.. I wanted to share the specs,and my thoughts, and opinions on this shaft ,as well as the Maker it comes from.. The Eye Shaft is made of 100% High Quality birds eye...

    Que Perfect:Super Low Deflection Shaft ?

    I was curious to know how this shaft stacks up ,stiffness and deflection wise ,when compared to Predator 314-2, Z-2, Mezz wd700 ,Mezz hp-2, ob classic, ob classic pro ?? Input on Any of the shafts mentioned individually, or all of the above in comparison to the "QP SUPER LD SHAFT",would be...

    G-Core shaft-3/8x10-12.5 taper

    SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!! Hello AZ, I got a G-core shaft only used on and off for about 6mos. The shaft is 100% straight on and off a butt. Slight bluing, No dings or nicks whatsoever .. 3/8x10 joint, black collar,new kamui black SS tip, diameter is 12.5. $100 shipped...

    Crystal and blu layered tips?

    hello I was looking around for tips and stumbled across these, longoni crystal multi layered tip, and blu soft cue tip, I was wondering if anyone has tried either tip and how do they compare to kamui standard and black? any info would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.

    Prulhiere Custom Cues

    I did a search and found very little on "Prulhiere".. Does anyone have one of these cues ? If so hows the quality on them ?? Any help is greatly APPRECIATED ... Thanks in advance..

    Katana vs Predator 314-2

    For those of you who have had the chance to test the Katana, how does it compare to the Predator 314-2 and z2 ?????? Also hows the feedback in comparison ????? I know the vets are thinking not another LD post,, sorry fellas/ladies ive been considering getting one of these, but would like some...