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  1. Arnot Wadsworth

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year.
  2. Arnot Wadsworth

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to All

    Have a great Turkey Day.
  3. Arnot Wadsworth

    vets - Thank you for your service

    There are more vets who frequent this forum than you realize. Listed below are the some who come to mind: Dick Neighbors - Thank you for your service. Jerry Eick - Thank you for your service. Dennis Dieckman - Thank you for your service. Michael Zimmerman - Thank you for your service. Eric...
  4. Arnot Wadsworth

    Arnot 8 Point - Ebony and Cocobolo - Ivory

    Here is one of my newest cues: Hope you like it. Details are at:
  5. Arnot Wadsworth

    WTB 1 Kamui Hard Black Tip

    I need a Kamui Black Hard tip to complete an order. Is there anyone here who would send me one. I know it is a PIA but I would appreciate one. I have some on order but it will be 2 weeks before they get here. Please call me for payment. Thanks,
  6. Arnot Wadsworth

    Arnot Triple Shark Ivory Extreme

    Hope you enjoy: For Details go to: Thanks for looking.
  7. Arnot Wadsworth

    Cuemaker vs. Cue Builder

    I was so proud to become a Cuemaker many years ago and then all the sudden the title "Cue Builder" popped up. Many refer to themselves as a Cue Builder on this forum but I never hear of it any where else. The name of this forum is "Ask the Cuemaker" not Ask the Cue Builder. I am still very...
  8. Arnot Wadsworth


    I just got in some veneers .040 thick from Prathers today and they are just as nice as anyone could expect. Good Cuemaking,
  9. Arnot Wadsworth

    New Addition to Arnot Cue Custom Cues

    Hi - My name is Patch. I am 7 weeks young. I am the an apprentice Shop Dog. I take my work very seriously except at nap time.
  10. Arnot Wadsworth

    Bird's Eye Maple - Highly Figured Goncalo Alves

    Here is a very unusual piece of Goncalo Alves. For Details go to: Thanks for looking :)
  11. Arnot Wadsworth

    Sneaky Pete Cues by Arnot

    This cue includes the following: * Hardwood Butt with 4-Points (Available in East Indian Rosewood – Goncalo Alves – Purple Heart) * Hard Maple Forearm * One Hard Maple Shaft * Radial Pin * Choice of LePro, Triangle or Elk Master Tip Regular Price Only $439.00. Now for a...
  12. Arnot Wadsworth

    Bocote with Aligator Wrap

    This cue has a naturalish (I know there is no such word :)) point:
  13. Arnot Wadsworth

    Bird's Eye Maple - Cocobolo Long Splice

    Here is one that I particularly like for its figure.
  14. Arnot Wadsworth

    Arnot Break Cue

    Here is one of my recent break cues.
  15. Arnot Wadsworth

    Bird's Eye Maple - Cocobolo Long Splice Cue

    Hope you like it.
  16. Arnot Wadsworth

    Wanted - Tsunami Tips

    I need some Tsunami Tips. Atlas, Prather, Mueller's don't have them. Where do I buy them?
  17. Arnot Wadsworth


    For those of us who posted in RSB in a previous life I just want to let everybody know that I just heard from Ghosst. He is doing fine. Have a nice day,
  18. Arnot Wadsworth

    Arnot Jump Break in Curly Maple

    Here is one of my recent jump break cues. Hope you like it. :) For details go to:
  19. Arnot Wadsworth

    Skiving Leather

    There was a post a few months ago about a company in Georgia that would skive leather. I thought I saved the contact info but I can't find it and doing a search did not produce any results. Does anyone remember the name? If so, please PM me the info. Thanks in advance.
  20. Arnot Wadsworth

    The Mister Gibbs

    This is one of my latest cues that I particurarily like. Just thought I would share with you. The details are at: Thanks for looking,