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    Best stroke fundamentals

    I'd like anyone with some expertise and a good eye for stroke fundamentals who watches a significant amount of top-level pool, 3C and snooker to opine which group of the top generally have the best and most solid stroke fundamentals.
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    You probably already know this

    Kozoom has a 24/7 streaming channel on YouTube. They stream pool, snooker, and 3C. The cool thing is that every time I've watched a 3C match it has had commentary in English by none other than Torbjorn Blomdahl. They aren't current matches - last one I saw was the 2018 world championship...
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    2 rail snooker escapes

    There is a thread on the main forum about the importance of 3-rail shots to escape snookers in 9-ball. Yet I've noticed that in snooker 2 rail escapes tend to be used more. Can anyone explain why that would be?
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    Caudron run of 32

    On a small table, so I don't know if it really is a world record for 8 ft. tables. But it is still lovely to watch:
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    Cauldron run of 32

    Albeit on a small table. I don't know if it is really a world record on an 8 ft. table, but it is still a lovely run. PS: duh, Caudron.
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    8 ft table

    Does anyone know of a current source for an 8 ft. Carom table, new or used, preferably in the Phoenix area? What would the necessary room size be for an 8 ft. carom table? Thanks.
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    Most remarkable snooker shot

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    Rent a table

    Has anyone ever heard about someone renting a billiard table, or done it themselves? There is a chance I may be renting a house, and there will likely be room for a billiard table, but I don't want the commitment of owning one.
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    A cool Caudron system for a common tough leave

    Your cueball is at one end of the table. The 2 object balls are at the other end on the table, but they are too close to each other to play off either one. So you need some kind of bank, but nothing natural is possible. Here is Caudron's very simple system for making this shot. I can't wait...
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    A Cool 3C game variation

    I've been watching a YouTube video with Fred Caudron and Eddy Leppens that they call Break Shot. Each set consists of both player playing from the break position. If one player scores more points they win the set. If they tie, they redo the set. The match I watched was best of 11 sets (i.e...
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    Caudron instructional video(s) in English

    About 2 months ago Caudron posted a bunch of videos on his Fred Caudron YouTube channel. A number of them are in English. I apologize if this info has been posted before, but it is a veritable treasure trove of high level 3C thinking. Here is one of them, and from that you may wish to...
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    3C in Denver

    Finally got a chance to play at Mile High Billiards since they put in 2 Gabriels tables. If you're in the Denver area, they are worth checking out. It's a good sized room with a variety of pool tables and a 6x12 snooker table which is mainly used for golf and which looks like it is covered...
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    The suspendees

    http This whole thing is a terrible shame.
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    Hey Bert, you would know this

    Was Caudron's run-out of 25 the longest such run-out ever? Thanks, if you see this and have an answer.
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    Q for Dr. Dave (and anyone else)

    I know that you are a very empirical guy, so I am curious if you have done anything on the efficacy of the various table maintenance routines people use? Thanks.
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    Amazing snooker frame This is the deciding frame of a race to 9 between Neil Robertson and Mark Shelby in the afternoon of the Tour Championship. The frame takes more than an hour, as it is an exquisite battle of safeties and tactics. May be the most engrossing cue...
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    Drills for 3C

    You can find lots of drills for pool but I never seem to hear any talk about drills for 3C. The only 'drill' I've ever come up with is with just the red ball and a cue ball on the table where I try to hit the red ball with the cue ball after 3 or more cushions. Anyone have any other drills for 3C?
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    Karsh to Barki letter re USBA and UMB

    I know a lot of folks here may not be on Darrell Martineau's Billiards Buddies list and will not have seen this: From: Jerry Karsh [] Sent: Monday, December 10, 2018 11:58 AM To: Subject: UNITED STATES BILLIARDK ASSOCIATION Mr. Farouk...
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    Great World Cup finish

    Both semifinals went 40-39. Caudron won one of them over Sameh Sayginer in 17 innings while Jasper won his over Haeng-Jik Kim in 22 innings. Jasper's beat Caudron in the final 40-34 in 21 innings. I haven't watched the matches yet, but I am looking forward to that.
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    2018 World Championship

    Some notable results from the first day: 1) Caudron had the best game, scoring his 40 points in just 13 innings for a 3.077 avg 2) Merkx lost a nail biter 40-39 against Murat Celik 3) Pedro won his first match 40-34 against Radovan Hayek in 34 innings. He had to overcome Hayek's run of 14...