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  1. seanandnik

    Kilby carom cue

    Barely used Kilby carom cue. Ebony forearm with bubinga handle, imitation ivory spears in the butt sleeve , blue ringwork, 2 12mm 4oz segmented conical taper shafts . 18 oz total weight, 2 shaft 1 butt joint protectors. also has lobite butt insert and includes longoni Lobite 8" extension $600...
  2. seanandnik

    Blomdahl commentating

    Hi guys , I remember watching some 3c matches where blomdahl was commentating , I think with his son maybe ? Anyone have a link to any of these ?
  3. seanandnik

    No caroms at SBE ?

    This saddens me
  4. seanandnik


    I would really like to see the construction method of how these circle oval splices are made, I’m just curious
  5. seanandnik

    Switching from LD to reg

    I was wondering if anyone else experienced this, I have 2 carom cue/shafts, a molinari p3 with predator vantage low deflection shafts and a Kilby with reg maple shafts. When I switch between them it takes awhile to acclimate to the difference. Ill actually miss a long shot object ball completely...
  6. seanandnik


    I apologize if this is a boring question,but are most new cues cored ? If so why? Do any cue makers simply use a solid piece of maple or any other wood for a forearm or butt ? I realize coring stabilizes the wood but did they always do it like this ? Do you think a difference can be felt between...
  7. seanandnik

    Sbe 19

    Any idea what is going on at SBE as far as the billiards? I haven’t heard anything yet, we’ll see.. Molinari will probably have a 3c table but who else ?
  8. seanandnik

    Arizona tournament

    Just wanted to wish all the billiard players good luck at the tournament in Arizona this coming week. Also good luck to a few of my friends in the scotch doubles, wish I could’ve been there, there’s next year hopefully
  9. seanandnik

    11.8 mm Revo

    I heard rumors somewhere of a 11.8mm Revo, conical taper carom shaft coming out. Anyone know anything about this ?
  10. seanandnik

    One piece cue

    Are there any big name cue builders who build 1 piece cues? If the ultimate goal is a solid 1 piece feel, then there should be some choices in quality of 1 piece cues right ? Would be great for the home table, just wondering
  11. seanandnik

    Kilby carom cue

    I do not know how to post in 2 categories simultaneously so here is a link Enjoy
  12. seanandnik

    New Kilby

    My new Kilby was delivered 3 weeks early after only ordering 2 months prior, by one of the best cue makers out there, Mr Ron Kilby. Amazing Ebony forearm with pomelle Bubinga handle and Amboyna butt piece with ivorine inlays, separated perfectly by blue (lapis?) and white joint rings with a...
  13. seanandnik

    Molinari P3 Blomdahl
  14. seanandnik

    P3 Molinari Blomdahl carbon

    Molinari P3 carbon uniloc joint, bought new at SBE ezoo 2 Vantage 12mm carom shafts 1 unused 314-3 pool 12.75mm shaft 1 predator qr extension 1 predator weight kit Blue aluminum jps Retail is @$3000, first $2000 takes, plus shipping Not interested in any trades
  15. seanandnik

    Chuck Starkey conversion wood pin

    I have a wood pin from butt 1928 oak Brunswick house Chuck Starkey refinished and made new shafts for. 1 original honey colored pool shaft and 2 12mm carom shafts, even split 28 and 28”, 2 navigator tips and 1 sib. Predator extension buttcap, extension NOT included he made joint...
  16. seanandnik

    Lag practice

    I always say I’m going to practice my lagging but I never do. Any tips,techniques, advice on lagging on a carom table ?
  17. seanandnik

    New kilby

    Well I played with a Kilby for last 10 years, sold it about 8 months ago and tried Molinari, Longoni,Starkey, Dieckman and a Schuler. I just ordered a new Kilby again, still emailing out the details, but so far, ebony forearm, pomelle bubinga handle and amboyna butt piece with some ivory inlays...
  18. seanandnik

    Starkey titalist carom cue

    Here is a link to cue I just posted in sale section
  19. seanandnik

    Old oak Titalist Starkey carom cue

    I had Chuck Starkey make this cue and I never used it, Brunswick 1928 Oak titalist conversion. 18.5 oz, wood pin, predator qr extension butt cap, 3 shafts, 2 12mm carom conical taper and 1 pool taper, 2 navigator medium tips and 1 sib tip, great solid hitting cue. Chuck does some fine work, not...
  20. seanandnik

    Bustamante at Amazin Billiards

    This Saturday September 15,