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    Epoxy Clearcoat

    So I’ve tried to find all relevant threads, and to search for good answers. What I’ve found is probably a bunch of outdated information. I’m not gonna link to one particular product, but it seems that the vast majority of new epoxy cast/mold products are claiming to be pure 100% clear when...
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    Looking for: 30” 5/16-14 shaft with short(er) ferrule

    If anyone has a Mezz or Samsara shaft that meets my needs, message me. Will also look at other makers shafts. I have a lathe to verify the straightness of a shaft, so don’t be trying to pull a fast one saying the shaft is straight when rolled. Price offered will depend upon...
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    Looking for broken Schon cues

    No need to question my motives for looking for broken parts, just PM me if you have what I need, and include a price, pic if it's of the butt. Condition isn't extremely important, stuff just can't be trashed. Need one broken butt, need to know where it broke at. And two broken shafts
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    Testing Grounds