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  1. CavinTan

    Sold Old School SS Joint Chris Nitti

    Birdseye Maple with 4 Ebony Pointers (green and yellow Veneers) Diamond Elforyn inlays . White with Green spec linen. Ebony buttsleeve with diamond inlays. Matching Joint Protectors included! >Butt 16.2oz , Radial pin >Shaft 1: 4.08oz, 13 mm $old shipped Price DROPPED
  2. CavinTan

    Sold Beautiful 4 Pointer Ebony PurpleHeart Chris Nitti

    Custom Ebony Forearm with 4 Purple Heart Pointers and Butt Sleeve. Premium cowhide leather wrap (Matching Joint Protectors NOT INCLUDED)$old USD shipped price reduced >Butt 15.6 oz , Radial pin >Shaft 1: 3.82 oz, 13 mm >Shaft 2: 3.57 oz, 13 mm
  3. CavinTan

    Group of 4 Nitti

    Posting on behalf of a friend's Chris Nitti Collection., all cues are kept in a storage case 99% of the time 1) Custom Birds Eye Maple Forearm with 3 long Cocobolo Pointers and 3 Elforyn Pointers. Birds Eye Maple Butt Sleeve with Reverse Matching Pointers. Segmented quality Leather wrap. (...
  4. CavinTan

    Fullsplice Conversion

    Blank purchased was warped with about 3 credit card roll, it was bad. I gradually turned the blank down over a year. Usually when fullsplice conversions are done, it is uncommon for rings to be seen at the "A-joint". However, there are a few methods to add one without cutting up your...
  5. CavinTan

    Case- leather care

    Could anyone share how they maintain their highend leather cases such as justis etc, to prevent the leather from degrading/cracking/ageing? moisturise the leather? thank you
  6. CavinTan

    ** Colourful Ebony Jensen SW tribute **

    Jensen Cue by Mike Johnson. Cue was made in '09, signature under wrap. Butt is well taken care of, in very good condition, no dings or dents. Very RARE! probably only a handful out there with 3/8-11 pins. >6 point Birdseye maple into Ebony forearm , 3 colourful veneers >Brass 3/8-11 pin...
  7. CavinTan

    Sold ** Tad Big Pin, White collar! **

    Here we have a rare Big Pin, White Collar Tad Kohara cue. This cue is a straight up player. > Serial 28xx >Figured Birdseye Maple >Big Pin 3/8-12 pin >Butt 15.5 oz >Shaft 1: 3.44 oz, 12.6 mm >Shaft 2 : 3.6oz, 12.8 mm >Original white Cortland w. green specs Linen wrap >lacquer chips on...
  8. CavinTan

    Sold ** Tulip/ Ebony Mike Stacey**

    Brand New Ebony/Tulip Mike Stacey Custom Cue. It is getting harder now days to find such beautiful Tulip wood. >6 point beautiful Tulip into Ebony forearm >Brass 3/8-11 pin >Butt 15.8 oz adjustable >Shaft 1 (default taper) 4.19 oz, 13 mm, Triangle tip, test hit >Shaft 2 (Stiffer...
  9. CavinTan

    Mezz Mi3 3D Joint Protectors

    Just sharing my 2nd set of 3D Jps I made for a mezz. Made these ‘cuecaps’ for a Mezz Mi3 model Thanks Mr Alton Takata for the inspiration & starting the 3D trend 😬 Enjoy the pics.
  10. CavinTan

    Core or Not to Core : Curly Redwood

    Hi, just wondering what the stability in terms of warpage would be for redwood? is there anything special with the hit of an uncored Redwood forearm? Weight concerns aside, would you core or not? thank you.
  11. CavinTan

    Higher deflection Revo/CFs

    Hello, was wondering if anyone has experimented with the internal ferrule construction on CF shafts to increase the deflection such that it's similar to a convetional shaft? more specifically those CFs without a long ferrule such as (cuetec,meucci) , looking more to modded revos. i know some...
  12. CavinTan

    Mezz Joint protector CueCaps

    Just sharing this matching theme "Alton-style" Joint protector i designed and made for a mezz ZZ 37 enjoy ��
  13. CavinTan

    Pete Tonkin CoCo Merry Widow

    Cocobolo Tonkin Almost brand new condition, test hit only I tried to photograph the figuring in the cocobolo as much as i could.if you need more pics you can pm me. the silver in the ringworks are as bright as a diamond, hard to capture on photo cue plays lights out, definitely a player...
  14. CavinTan

    Dust/stain in veneers

    hello i am making a cue with veneers and pointers,the forearm is ebony. how do i get the maple veneers clean of any ebony dust after the final turn? was i not supposed to sand after the final turn and seal it immediately? if so what kind of sealer should i use? because i understand any...
  15. CavinTan

    making a Sleeved joint

    hi guys, do you have any insights or advice pertaining to this operation? i plan to turn down a SS joint a couple of mm and press fit a white joint over ( probably arvorin or elforyn) would the epoxy bond the SS and plastic? also, would a press fit suffice or must the plastic be threaded on? thanks
  16. CavinTan

    Mezz SWS alpha hybird discontinued

    Selling a test hit only Mezz hybrid alpha (discontinued) that has a shaft weight system. these have a waiting time of about 4-6 months. United joint. pics to come soon. looking at 330usd exclusive of shipping. Shaft is in asia, singapore.
  17. CavinTan

    **Kerry ZYLR BEM **

    Rare high figured BEM zylr cue w a newly installed crocodile wrap in a harvey martin TAD style uniloc joint features buckhorn joint collars and buttcap - zylr’s signature butt : 14.8oz shaft 1 : 4.3oz shaft 2 (test hit) : 4.1 oz condition: 7/10 (cue has dings in the finish) cue plays very...
  18. CavinTan

    Omen SW style

    **Price Reduced** Omen Southwest style Here we have a nice pete ohmen purpleheart into purpleheart southwest style cue with burgundy elephant ear wrap. This cue sits in my storage case 98% of the time, so i'm parting with it. It plays fantastic and is very very well balanced. you will NOT be...
  19. CavinTan

    silver veneers

    how do cuemakers do silver accents on points or inlaysv
  20. CavinTan

    large bore headstock

    hello, im looking to buy a larger bore headstock for my mid size cuesmith lathe.. please pm me if you do have one for sale