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  1. superminsoo

    Time limit?

    What is the official time limit to shoot in 3 cushion? I've gotten so many complaints about the time it takes me to shoot that we now use a stop watch. Any shot that takes over 30 seconds is a foul. It's ruining my concentration!
  2. superminsoo

    Termite pesticide?

    Im going to be spraying termite pesticides in the near future and wanted to get some opinions from the pros. Is it ok / recommended that I spray some on my table? Im particularly worried about the bottom part/ underneath the table where there are wood attachments. Thank you in advance.
  3. superminsoo

    Confusion about stroke

    Hi. There are a couple questions I just couldnt figure out. What are the difference between pocket players' strokes and 3-cushion players' strokes? I've noticed that pocket players' stances are very low and their shooting elbow is way above their shoulders. How does that stroke differ to the...
  4. superminsoo

    Anyone play carom3d?

    Anyone play carom3d? You can download it for free at I've been playing it for a couple years and its the most realistic billiard game out there. Has everything from snooker to eight ball to six ball and 3 ball. You guys should check it out. It's great for pocket players who want to...
  5. superminsoo

    Selling a carom table

    Sold the street bike, no longer strapped for cash. =)