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    Evan Clark passing..............

    I will miss our phone conversations about politics, retirement in Columbia, etc. We used to talk, for hours... he would call from his favorite bar, with a cool drink, and tell me about how wonderful his life as a retiree in Columbia was. RIP, my friend...
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    Don Sherman of Sureman Cues Has Passed

    Don was a wealth of cue information, and a great person to sit around with and talk pool with. RIP, Don...
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    Storage case wanted

    I am looking for something like a 6x12 O'Neil suitcase (under-bed storage) style case for long term storage of a few higher end cues. I am also open to suggestions. You can also email me at: John Barton... are you building anything like that these days? Joe
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    PFD Studios 8 point (Paul Drexler)

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    PFD Studios 8 point (Paul Drexler)

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    PFD Studios 8 point (Paul Drexler)

    Beautiful cue...
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    PFD Studios 8 point (Paul Drexler)

    SOLD.... many thanks!!
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    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    I have not "played" for a long time. I got into shooting at a friend's pub in PA once a week in a NAPA league, for a while, then Covid hit and ended that. Hopefully, I will get another chance to play a bit, in the near future. I do miss it...
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    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    Bump it up!!
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    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    It is good to be back, at least on a small scale!! How have you been?
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    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    I know the feeling!!
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    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    Long, long time since we spoke!! How have you been, Nick?
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    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    It is what I do... I am a dealer. BCA member... SBE vendor many times. I have been handling cues for Cory for around 20 years. He lives 25 minutes from me. Check my feedback... I am mostly retired, but will still handle cues for Cory, when he has something. Doing well, Duane. It has been...
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    Sold Barnhart 1/1 Custom Cue

    For questions/more pix, text me at 240-446-8871 $OLD... shipped in the US Here is a true 1/1 custom cue from Cory Barnhart. I just picked this up a few minutes ago. It features a nice maple and highly figured cocobolo forearm, a Spanish bull black wrap, and a special cocobolo butt sleeve with...
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    FS: brand new Barnhart MW

    Price: SOLD!! Thanks! This is the first Ironwood cue Cory has built. The wood has some really neat figure, close up... looks like a cross between Lacewood and Palmwood... Specs: - Butt: 15.4oz -Shaft: 3.8oz, 29.5", Juma ferrule, medium Barnhart custom tip -SS radial pin, wood to wood -Cory's...
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    FS: nice Titlist "tribute" cue

    Sold!! Here is a classic Brianna (Lee Malakof) Titlist Tribute for SOLD!! Thanks! Delivered in the US. The cue has an elforyn joint, with diamonds, dots and a hoppe ring in the cocobolo butt. There are natural lining rings at A/B, and below the hoppe. It's finished off with a white with green...
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    FS: Barnhart Bacote MW—Leather Wrap

    SOLD, Thanks!!! Just picked up a brand new merry widow direct from Cory Barnhart. This is beautifully figured Bacote, with a perfectly executed black leather wrap. Specs: -Butt: 15.2oz, 29” -Shaft: 4.2oz, 12.85mm, 29.5”, Juma ferrule (.5”), Custom Barnhart medium tip -Radial pinned, wood to...
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    FS: Cocobolo Barnhart merry widow

    Email me at for any info/questions... I don’t check here regularly anymore. SOLD!! Absolutely awesome cocobolo in this player from Cory Barnhart. Cue is Brand New (never test hit), direct from Cory. Specs: -Brass pinned, radial, wood to wood -Black phenolic joint...
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    Camitillo Barnhart player

    ****Sold!! Thanks!***