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  1. LWW

    Break Tip

    The best that I’ve found is a WHITE DIAMOND.
  2. LWW

    Ignore Bait: Highest IQ, Many Questions, Odds makers invited...

    I have long advised you that you need to read some books. Why are you working so hard to prove me correct?
  3. LWW

    Ignore Bait: Highest IQ, Many Questions, Odds makers invited...

    PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, YOU CAN GET THIS. 1 - There are 3 doors. 2- Monty has 2 doors, you have one. 3 - Monty knows what door has the big prize behind it, you don't. 4 - Monty has either 1 goat plus the grand prize, or 2 goats. 5 - Being that Monty cannot possibly have less than one goat means...
  4. LWW

    Article says : "Hitting a Baseball is the Hardest Skill to Pull Off in Sports." -- Not IMO

    Take a round bat and hit a round bal square. What’s so hard?
  5. LWW

    14.1 Hail Mary Shots

    That is simple statistics, but often missed. I agree 100%. It's like punting on 4th down.
  6. LWW

    May "Caption This" photo

    ‘Nobody knows it was me that did it!’
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    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    Thanks, but one thing I forgot that has worked for me ... and that is dealing with the 'BAD' employee. I always considered it a company and personal failure if I had to discharge an employee ... with one exception. I WOULD FIRE A THIEF INSTANTLY AND WITHOUT HESITATION! And, don't ever lie to me...
  8. LWW

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    So many people miss that. Happy customers return. Happy customers stay longer. Happy customers spend more, both in total and per hour. If one wants a successful business, the best advice I can give: - The customer will never be treated better by your employees than the employee is treated...
  9. LWW

    smoking or no smoking

    I think they allow a smoking business when its on fire also. :cool::LOL::ROFLMAO:
  10. LWW

    smoking or no smoking

    I would not likely frequent a smoking room either ... but the room owner should make that call and not a bureaucrat.
  11. LWW

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    Let’s call it 10% pool and 90% everything else … how many room owners would dance the Charleston on the highway while blindfolded if they could increase their income tenfold … even twofold.
  12. LWW

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    IMHO your advice is as solid as granite. I also have owned personally, or in partnership, small commercial rentals … probably a bit smaller … and if you build a hangout and can handle the expense, why not. Think Wayne Huizenga and the Marlins. But to run for profit it is blood, sweat, tears...
  13. LWW

    Videographer gripe

    Bingo. If people pay attention … pro sports have many, many, many cameras at many angles, including mobile, and a central control booth that all the cameras feed into. Then, and only then, is the televised view chosen … and that control booth will be staffed by people well versed in the...
  14. LWW

    April "Caption This" photo

    I had an officer tell me once that I had the right to remain silent … sadly, I lacked the ability.
  15. LWW

    Cue Shaft Wax - Will good old car wax work

    It does have a slight smell, OP is possibly using too much ... although some people are more/less smell tolerant. It doesn't bug me, but its not my nose either. As a tip ... if you think you used enough wax, you probably used too much. The buff stage is the important one. The goal is to use as...
  16. LWW

    Cue Shaft Wax - Will good old car wax work

    From their site: "The Chem-Pak Q Wax is formulated with the finest Carnauba Wax to give your pool cue the ultimate protection. Use regularly to help preserve the natural characteristics of the wood. For optimal results, use Chem-Pak's Q Cloth (CPS00002) between treatments to help keep the cue...
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    Yet another purge?

    Yet another purge?
  18. LWW

    What Recourse Do I have?

    Great idea.
  19. LWW

    Seyberts Tip Repair Question

    Seyberts has done outstanding work for me in the past. They have shipped shafts in the past wrapped in bubble wrap and then inside a thick cardboard tube. This has been a very warm December in the Midwest. My guess is that the chances of damage are quite minimal.
  20. LWW

    ID a butt?

    Yet leftists have convinced each other that destroying our industrial base will reduce pollution … never once looking at what China has wrought,and believing none of their pollution will waft over here.