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  1. hang-the-9

    Nashville TN area pool halls/tournaments

    I will be heading to the Nashville area, La Verge specifically, in January. Anyone live or know the area where to head to play, hopefully with 9 footers and a tournament I can play in? My trips tend to be Sunday through Thursday. Don't see anything really good in the area so far, H-Cues looks...
  2. hang-the-9

    Inherited cues

    Anyone else keeping or using equipment from prior generations or people that have passed on? I think a piece of equipment someone used while they were alive is as sentimental and important to pass down as anything else, it's not just a cue at this point (or golf club, or a wrench your dad used...
  3. hang-the-9

    Ned Morris Cocobolo / Olivewood cue FS with 3 shafts

    $1,000 normal PayPal goods/services is fine, including shipping and insurance, will consider offers of-course, but not really looking for trades unless it's at least 1/2 cash Putting this up for sale to help out a family of a close friend that passed away over the weekend. We were buddies for...
  4. hang-the-9

    Another work trip, Wayne NJ, where to go?

    Closest place looks to be Shooters, anyone from the area know of any weekly tournaments? Edison is a bit over an hour drive, where Sandcastle is, but I am not going to drive that far. Steinway is about 45 mins away but I think their parking is a mess and I really don't want to park in some...
  5. hang-the-9

    Atlanta (and South of Atlanta) area pool halls.

    Who can get me some info on the places worth a visit to play in Atlanta (or avoid LOL), either around the city or south of it? Any tournaments Wed, Thursday or Friday nights anyone know of there? I may have to make an emergency business trip to McDonough GA to fix something at a new store...
  6. hang-the-9

    Found a 90s pool book I forgot I had

    I think I found it from a used bookstore, probably 25-30 years ago, there is a name written on the inside cover. Some nice pictures and information about pool around the boom years after COM came out. I actually recognized the player from Pittsburgh, I talked to him for a while several times...
  7. hang-the-9


    I don't like playing or watching one pocket matches and think SW cues are way over-rated. There I said it. I knew the International event was going on, but when I realized it was one pocket, was a bit disappointed. But it led me to wonder who else held somewhat unpopular opinions about pool...
  8. hang-the-9

    World record for chalking

    So we have things like most racks run, best TPA, great shots. But some basics of the game like tip maintenance and chalking just don't have a good rating or tracking system. I present to you my new stat for chalking, and the current world record holder. I counted about 45-50 chalkings of the...
  9. hang-the-9

    Early SJM sighting at front row of a tournament

    I am sure many of you spot Stu (SJM) at many tournaments. I swear he was at some tournaments happening at the same time 2,000 miles apart, cloned himself so he can attend more of them. Is this a younger Stu? It's like my eye is trained to look for him, like a 1/2 second shot and my brain went...
  10. hang-the-9

    90s Falcon, extra Tiger X Pro shaft

    Not sure of the exact model, had it once but forgot what it was and can't find it again. Nice birdseye maple. Hairline crack in the bumper, a few finish smudges but don't seem to be bubbles, I can't feel the finish popping out. A piece of one of the lower inlays is out. Hits normal, no...
  11. hang-the-9

    Balls in the way? Nah..

    Nice position shot here using the speed off the carom to change the path
  12. hang-the-9

    Shots in doubles, Active vs Passive

    There is a thread in the Rules section about playing 10 ball where a ball was made in the wrong pocket, the question was "if the other team passes on the shot, does the player that just shot shoot again or does the partner shoot"...
  13. hang-the-9

    Detroit/Livonia area players

    Anyone play around Detroit that is not a one pocket gambler LOL? I'm going to be there for work again 14th-17th, and a few other weeks through Sept and tend to play in The Rack in Livonia, but the place is either filled with gamblers at one pocket, and any other players I have seen there were...
  14. hang-the-9

    Figured out how not to use a bridge anymore

    Several guys at the pool hall were talking about cue extensions and one of them happened to have a 31" shaft, all the extensions had the same pin, there was a break/jump cue around with a mid part that was removable.... well .... things escalated. We got a cue that was just over a ball away...
  15. hang-the-9

    Warning about Benny's Cues

    Had an "ebony" and burl cue from Benny's Cues that had the finish bubbling. Asked a local cue maker to refinish it and found out the ebony was painted on, as were the rings. Cue pretty much a loss.
  16. hang-the-9

    Cue id, older Meucci

    Looked through a bunch of catalog scans but could not find this model. Friend of mine was handed a few cues for free, this was one of them. Rough shape but I think worthy of getting it refinished, considering the cost was 0 to get it.
  17. hang-the-9

    Columbus Ohio Pool Halls?

    In a few weeks have another trip for work, heading to New Albany OH which is about 15 mins from Columbus. Anyone know of the place to go there, maybe a tournament midweek? I'll be there probably Sunday evening 12th through end of the week.
  18. hang-the-9

    AZHousepro suggestion for YouTube classics upload

    1991 Rack Em Up Classic Steve Mizerak vs Ronnie Allen I was going through my matches I have on the computer and this one I bet many of the AZB folks would love to see. Two great players no longer with us and great commentary with some info about Ronnie and Steve. If you need it in electronic...
  19. hang-the-9

    Plastic/Fiberglass shafted house cues wanted

    Anyone know who made housecues with a coated shaft? Don't think they were Cuetec but I ran across some in places here an there, they seemed to be pretty durable with a decent hit feel. I did a few web searches but nothing came up past some Cuetecs that cost like $80.
  20. hang-the-9

    Barely used autographed "Balabushka"

    This is why you don't ask the drunk on the corner to ID your cues