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  1. Steppo

    Any Tim Prince cues out there for sale?????

    Nice cue👍🏻
  2. Steppo

    2022 DCC attendance

    I appreciate your kind words.
  3. Steppo

    Tall Man's Szamboti Scruggs Martinez Cue Collection

    Oh wait, I was thinking Wyoming
  4. Steppo

    Tall Man's Szamboti Scruggs Martinez Cue Collection

    I use to pass through Centennial all the time, Is the cop car still parked in the same spot?
  5. Steppo

    Trade breitling for cue

    Wow! Now this is tempting That’s a beautiful watch
  6. Steppo

    2022 DCC attendance

    It’s been almost two years since anyone has posted about the Derby. I can’t wait to get out and play some pool with friends I haven’t seen in a while. One change this year is my wife wants to go. Hope she can keep up😁
  7. Steppo

    Wanted: John Davis blank

    The framed article was a present given to him by a good friend of his in 2013. Seems so long ago. He is missed
  8. Steppo

    Rare John Davis full cue (plus story)

    I have cues with three different variations of pins. They are in order from oldest to newer.
  9. Steppo

    Rare John Davis full cue (plus story)

    My earliest cue is pretty early mid 60’s I was told.
  10. Steppo

    Rare John Davis full cue (plus story)

    Do you have a picture under the rubber bumper. Would like to know if John’s signature was any better in the earlier cues.
  11. Steppo

    Birdseye and ebony with teal and white veneers with matching extenesion

    Really nice work Tim! I’ve been wondering what you been up to lately.
  12. Steppo

    Full Splice Blank collection

    John Davis
  13. Steppo

    Full Splice Blank collection

    Those are all beautiful blanks. Wish my collection consisted of more than just one.
  14. Steppo

    Anyone here core a cue blank as good as John Davis did ?

    Hello Tim, Jim was just asking about you a few days ago. Hope all is well? Here’s the cane in case someone wanted to see it.
  15. Steppo

    Remembering a friend

    Just reminiscing about the Derby and thinking of a friend. I know there are a few other friends of his on here that miss him. ( I apologize for the crazy sounding post).
  16. Steppo

    Users still on AOL

    No problems here.
  17. Steppo

    Let’s see your John Davis cue

    I think today would be a good day to show off your John Davis cue.
  18. Steppo

    DCC pickup

    Thanks Jim
  19. Steppo

    Full splice cane

    This can be a guess who made it thread. Believe it or not I needed a cane because of some foot problem and I asked a good friend if he could build me a cane (just a cane). Well he always goes above and beyond and this is what he handed me before we went to the Derby. Many thanks to him.