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    Shane Van Boening on "60 Minutes," December 4, 7:30 p.m. Eastern

    That was really good!
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    Did Justin Bergman really run 19 racks!!!'s still an incredible feat.
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    The Story of Jayson Shaw - Golden Break Podcast Episode #1

    Watched this yesterday. Was very entertaining. Look forward to more of these.
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    Euro Events: Russian Federation

    You should go find out.
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    Anyone using Matchroom Live?

    See, I didn't know about the stream dropping once the shift to DAZN happens... ...and yes, I would pay a little more for all the Matchroom content and not have that stream drop. Thanks for all the info everyone!
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    Anyone using Matchroom Live?

    While I am aware of all the free pool content on youtube, I want it mainly for the live-streaming and I'm not a cheapass.... Plus there are some matches from previous events you still can't see on Youtube. I know we can do the same though DAZN, but that's 19.99 a month, compared to Matchroom...
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    Anyone using Matchroom Live? Was thinking about signing up for this for Live and Previous Matchroom events. Was curious if anyone is using this and what they thought? Thanks.
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    Standard Table Conditions Discussion

    Terrible advice.... he should go do something else and join a forum for that.
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    How many Cues do you own today

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    Dr Dave not on Youtube anymore?

    For once... we are in complete agreement.
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    Flat pool racks

    This is a terrible idea unless you have some sort of template to line them up with, then you still have to worry about human error when applying them. Besides, template racks are extremely affordable regardless.
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    Walk the Talk Drill!!!

    You're hysterical man. Love your channel... You're also one hell of a shot...
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    New stroke training technique

    I think ive gotten all I could knowledge wise from this forum over 15 years ago... now I just stick around for shit-shows like this thread...
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    Break cues?

    I use a sneaky from my cuemaker.
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    European open finals

    Thanks for posting all this...
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    The story behind Lying Ryan Mccreesh

    Had it backwards... you lent a jobless pool player 900 dollars.... I think that is even worse.
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    The story behind Lying Ryan Mccreesh

    So you didnt have a job and loaned 900 dollars to a pool player?
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    Scot Sherbine cues

    He is being extreme and saying Scott's logo is similar to the SS, Hitler's Army. If Scott were famous, woke society would call for him to change his name as well. :rolleyes:
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    It was said in jest. I'm not a fan of the rule set. I don't think 9ball is broken, especially at an amateur level.
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    Can we shorten the name to D-Ball?