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  1. hang-the-9

    Delaminated Tip from Predator -

    Often what a customer thinks the company is liable for and what the company puts out in the warranty what they are liable for don't match. If you buy a rope and it breaks while lifting a $10,000 piano, the rope company will happily send you a new coil of $20 rope. Tips wear out, they have no...
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    Question: Nine-ball leaves the table and winner can't be identified on a bar table

    It's on the great shots AccuStats video, the announcers were talking about it since the official game was "won" by the breaker but since they did not pocket a ball they had no idea how to mark it up for the statistics. Technically it was a dry break, but then a run out LOL, so how do you mark that?
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    Snooker still basically guides your shot selection, and the safety play is not to the level of pool games. Snooker is checkers on a larger board. 8 Ball and one pocket are the real chess games.
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    Delaminated Tip from Predator -

    I've hit with several of the BK Rush cues, the tip is harder than the white diamond stock. Not some great difference like going from a phenolic tip but enough that some people that tried the difference did not like it. Samsara is also a great pick for a tip.
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    Cue Shaft extensions vs Cue Butt extensions.

    Depends on how you like the balance and hit feel to be, and if you are talking about a permanent one or just one to help reach some shots. For playing with, mid extension, for shot reach, rear extension, for me personally. Although I don't use any extension full time, either use a bridge, a...
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    John Morra vs Tyler Styer race to 30 livestream

    I usually use this analogy; do you want some random person peeking at your work site and telling you to work faster because they think you are not chopping wood or building a computer or changing a tire fast enough for their liking? Or do you want to do your job at the pace that results in the...
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    Question: Nine-ball leaves the table and winner can't be identified on a bar table

    I would not judge this too quickly LOL, I know off the top of my head at least two games I played in against other good players where we shot a few balls in and then noticed the 8 or the 9 was missing :eek:
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    Who pays for tournaments?

    Are you talking about the pool hall making money during the tournament? In some of my travels for work I ran into a bunch of places that uses the coin op tables for the tournaments, and do not open them up. So the players are paying for normal table time. For other places the idea is that the...
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    Delaminated Tip from Predator -

    Yep, I've seen this happen a few times. I just shape the tip again. Warranty issues can be hit or miss with places. I also agree with above about getting a white diamond, although that will soften up the hit a bit.
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    Have you used carbon fiber and went back to wood?

    Yes, the Synergy has deflection and hit feel closer to many wood LD shafts, meaning more flex and more deflection than the Revo or Ignite. For players that want a wood shaft but in CF construction, Synergy would be a good pick, I would liken it to a Predator 314. For someone that likes a...
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    Have you used carbon fiber and went back to wood?

    I actually use both types of shafts, depending on my mood LOL Not sure if that qualifies as "moving back" CF, specifically the Revo, is probably the one that I feel most accurate with. If I'm in a match I want to win and on a 9 footer that is the shaft I would probably use. For smaller...
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    Lower Deflection Stroke according to Stephen Hendry

    I think that many top players don't quite understand the physics of pool, especially players that learned to play over 10 years ago. Sigel, Mizerak, Strickland, those guys all have some funky ideas about the game and what causes what actions. They know something is happening to the cueball or...
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    Shot of the night, followed by missing a hanger?

    Two things I say in this situation. "There are no easy shots, only less hard ones" and "It's possible to miss any shot if you try hard enough". Not that having all the fancy sayings help me much, I am a giver of advice not a taker LOL.
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    Masters, triangle chalk becoming outdated

    I actually see quite a few not so good players using high end chalk, as well as $800 cues, etc.. that are pretty much out of their skill set to control or understand the differences between something way cheaper. IMHO you need a minimum skillset to be able to take advantage of and understand...
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    Masters, triangle chalk becoming outdated

    In another 100 years the newer chalk users are likely to have as many wins as with the old chalk. In races there are probably more horses that won than cars, but given time things will become closer.
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    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    Not surprising, every organization wants to control the market. Look at the fighting between the two Chinese 8 Ball organizations in China that were trying to kill off the other and argue who invented what and who has rights to what. Soon as Matchroom started with buying out events and making...
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    Cue Length

    That's only for use at home though. I have some space restrictions on my home table but 95% of the time I am playing at a pool room where the competition is at.
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    Nashville TN area pool halls/tournaments

    This will be a visit, will see how the smoke goes. I went to a few places in Florda that basically expelled me with how bad the smoke got during tournaments.
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    Earl Strickland's Equipment (Mosconi Cup)

    Makes aiming with spin take a lot less adjustment. Which is usually a good thing.
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    Nashville TN area pool halls/tournaments

    I will be heading to the Nashville area, La Verge specifically, in January. Anyone live or know the area where to head to play, hopefully with 9 footers and a tournament I can play in? My trips tend to be Sunday through Thursday. Don't see anything really good in the area so far, H-Cues looks...