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    Two fun players to watch

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    New YouTube channel with old pool

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    3c fun

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    Go fund me for Dr. Dave.

    Watching this video makes me sad. Here we have the good Dr. showing off all his cool gear. Now, sadly in the background he has his stereo. We see the Doc has been around college students far too long. No speaker stands, no shelves for his receiver. I'm not the most tech savvy so maybe someone...
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    Good Amateurs to watch

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    Check this out
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    John Gabriel is a bad man

    Pleasure watching this guy play one pocket.
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    Sunday Blackball

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    Cancelled the subscription today. Had planned on doing that regardless. Any who, I noticed on the app under the sports heading, pool has disappeared as well as any mosconi coverage. What gives?
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    Buddy hall memorabilia Those without FB. Looks like a hyperlink to his daughters(?) Page. Lucy Hall.
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    Oldie but a goodie

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    Tinman up next
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    A fun match

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    Fun one pocket match

    I'll never forget the first time I saw Corey take a whack at them:):) 2 of my favorites
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    who won the bankpool game

    Justin won 3 of 3 sets
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    Short backswing

    I was watching this match. Audio is a little funny but Danny Harriman's commentary makes Alvin tolerable. In it they discuss stroke length. I tried to use the short backswing a a couple years ago. I couldn't hold out longer than 3 months of almost daily practice. I gave up on it. Just couldn't...
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    Neils one pocket Enjoy! Niels* oops
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    Roys basement

    Worth a listen. Nsfw or kids Oops its cue it up on facebook. Not sure how to change title
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    Ralph Eckert dropping some knowledge