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  1. JohnPT

    Am I a slow player?

    I slowed down my game and added a pause. I have few hesitations here and there too where I have to stand up. My game has improved but I wonder if I play too slow now. So, what do you think? In case anybody is...
  2. JohnPT

    Is my signature too big?

    Does it make your mobile scroll to the right? If it is I will chop it or take it down. While we're at it, what do you think of my form?
  3. JohnPT

    How to calculate Accustat rating?

    Would someone pls share how to calculate the accustat rating. I played real good against the 9 ball ghost last night and I'm just curious what my accustat would be. I think besides keeping score it would be good way to keep track of progress. Thanks.
  4. JohnPT

    How would you run this?

    [/URL][/IMG] the This is what I got after the break. You have ball in hand. The game is rotation. What balls go in which pocket? Edit:THE 1 GOES IN THE BOTTOM CORNER. SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION. The answer is actually pretty much straightforward. I just thought It'd be a cool thing to...
  5. JohnPT


  6. JohnPT

    Another Rotation video

    I know we've had a lot of these runout videos on AZ but hey what's one more right? It's just a 5 minute video so I hope at least some of you would take the time to watch it and comment here good or bad. One thing I noticed in this video was I was keeping my elbow bent... I'm usually good with...
  7. JohnPT

    Pls. critique my failed outs

    Not getting much attention in the "Ask the instructor" section. Putting it here in hopes of getting more input. Just recently started looking in this part of AZ. I thoroughly enjoy some of the stuff I've read as well as watching some of the videos. I would like to submit a short video of...
  8. JohnPT

    Failed run-outs pls. critique

    Just recently started looking in this part of AZ. I thoroughly enjoy some of the stuff I've read as well as watching some of the videos. I would like to submit a short video of myself failing at running out and just looking for some constructive criticism on my stroke, stance etc. The first...
  9. JohnPT

    2013 World Cup of Pool

    Excited to see this one. What countries are represented and who are the teams? I can only wish they would show this on TV.
  10. JohnPT

    ESPN2 Challenge...

    Challenge of Champions on right now!
  11. JohnPT

    TS, Predator and a JB case

    I like all the cues in my posession but this TS, whom I fondly call "The Hideous Green Monster" is what I play with. Yes, she does play like a monster :D and yes that is a predator shaft. As you can see from the flag on the case, she plays for team Philippines so she can't be all that bad...
  12. JohnPT

    TS, MC and JJ

  13. JohnPT

    How to improve your stroke...

    should be changed to how not to bridge. This really made me laugh out loud. Call me a hater if you want but if you're a poolplayer and this doesn't make you laugh even a little... well maybe you not a poolplayer. Enjoy.
  14. JohnPT

    Does SVB speak Filipino?

    Just a silly thought, if Shane spoke Filipino that would just be too intimidating and poolplayers would shit their pants. Lol.
  15. JohnPT

    New Cues Page

    Pls. share your new cues on this page. Whether it be a custom, production or unknown, brand new, new to you or coming soon all are welcome. You started a new thread for your cue already well post it here too anyway. Would be nice to get everyone to contribute so we can all share in the...
  16. JohnPT

    1 shaft 2 butts

    Anybody do this? I have a 314-2 I really like that I use on my cue with a leather wrap. I was thinking I want to try shooting with a wrapless cue but I dont want to spend another $250 for a new shaft in addition to the cost of the cue. That and sticking with the same shaft would mean zero...
  17. JohnPT

    Efren in action. Gets a spot?

    I haven't watched the video in its entirety but looks like Efren gets the 9 in this game of 10ball. His opponent, Michael apparently plays Alcano even, if the youtube comments are accurate. I love how Efren is always in action and seems to be everywhere...
  18. JohnPT

    Philippine pool scene.

    Just some pics I found on the net depicting some of the typical pool scenes in the Philippines. Outdoor-Pool-Table.jpg by craygc, on Flickr Not the best conditions but look at this guy shoot. He has good form. The building on the back has Mercedes logos... :scratchhead...
  19. JohnPT

    Dennis is 2012 US Open 10 ball champion!

    A big and well deserved congratulations to Dennis for winning the title of US Open 10 ball Champion!
  20. JohnPT

    Yang Ching Shun is in the USA!

    I dont have anything stories to tell, sorry. I just got excited when I saw Yang at the Riviera. I am guessing from stuff I've read that this is his first time in the USA? I hope to see him in some good matches. I know TAR is booked but maybe they can get him involved somehow. Maybe in an...