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    To glue it to staple?

    Time has just about come to install cloth on my GCI. It may sound crazy, but there are very few staple holes in the table. I know it the table say for at least six years without being used. It looks like it has only been covered the times in its life. Don't know if it makes a difference...
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    GT 2000 Cloth

    Likely a thread I'm missing in the search, but I'm looking for opinions on Gorina GT 2000 cloth for my 9' GCI. I had a table about 25 years ago that I installed a Gorina cloth on, but I'm not positive which cloth it was. Thanks!
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    New owner of GC1

    About nine days ago I became the proud owner of a 9ft gold crown 1. I know nothing about the table, it was in a hall of some sort, as it has a table number on it. I'm in the process of smoothing the dings and dents in the skirts and legs. Will be painting them soon. I'm doing all the work...