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    Mint Samsara 8-point 1548 and Gulyassy/Samsara JB w Justis Case

    Mint Samsara 8-point #1748 and Gulyassy/Samsara JB w Instroke 3+5 Case 8 perfect points of Ebony/Holly into deep purpleheart.. Intarsia in the butt, triple-diamons of holly and ebony on butt and both shafts as well as the custom Samsara/Predator 314-2. The J/B is that one I think was banned...
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    Help.. moved to Wichita, neeed to find a home!

    Hello, missed you all while I was away, sad to see the passing of dear friends. I'm newly free, moved from NC to Kansas, and really need a sweet diamond table to get lost in badly. I call places on the GPS.. 'Hi there, may I ask what kind of tables you have? ...'Green?' Help! Joe
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    Attached pics to all these sale threads

    Just FYI, a lot of us cannot see images hosted by photobucket, imageshack, etc when browsing at work... corporate firewalls block these free image hosting services. Attached photos using the 'attach' tool are always visible, as well as photos from the AZB Picture gallery. Just a thought for...
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    Props to Mike Gulyassy and his cues!

    My father-in-law and I both have the new jump/breaks by Gulyassy. By odd coincidence we both managed to crack the ferrules on both of them in the same week. I sent both to Mike, and he turned them around in a week good as new. I paid only for shipping! The peace of mind with an investment...
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    Nintendo Wii for Cue trade or sale

    Well as seen in another thread, my eBay attempt didn't go so well. We were in Target monday morning and happened across a Wii shipment. We already had ours for the kids but figured we'd buy some anyway. We found someone who needed one of them, but still have two left. If I can't find them a...
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    Shipping to unconfirmed paypal address?

    Sorry for the post in the wrong section, but I know this is the best place to get some help on this topic... Could anyone tell me what the risk is, or current scams involving, shipping to an unconfirmed address? The payment I received is from a verified paypal member, but their shipping...
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    OB-1 to match a 30 year old McDermott?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for an OB-1 for an old McDermott sneaky. The pin appears to be a 3/8 by 11, but I can't be certain. Does anyone know if McDermott has always used a standard pin or could I be dealing with something else?
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    WTB Cue for $100

    Looking for something to take to the bar.. wood to wood joint, soft layered tip, 19oz.
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    Computer tech section for the forums?

    I'm guessing with over a thousand people stopping by this forum daily, a handful of you need computer help, advice, whatever.. on a regular basis. You may not be comfortable posting about it here, given the pool only nature of things. I know we have NPR, but that doesn't lend itself to sharing...
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    Great transaction with Duane Remick

    I'm the first to complain if things don't go well, but I can't say enough good things about my recent cue purchase from Duane. He said the Gulyassy was in excellent condition, but the truth is the cue was pristine. It looks to have never hit a ball. He shipped the same day I bought it, and it...
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    To the AZBilliards Community

    Hi folks, I've been on the internet since before it was the internet.. back then the only way on if not in a college was thruogh BBS's.. good times. anyway, in all that time, I've never been a poster on any forums.. I have never found a group of folks with whom I'd want to share my thoughts...
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    Could anyone help identify this cue?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to help a friend identify his cue.. I'm guessing all the dealers who might know only watch this section so please speak up if you have any info. It could potentially be for sale once identified and appraised.
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    Can anyone identify this cue?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to help a friend identify his cue.. any information greatly appreciated!
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    For sale, must go.. Viking F02 w/matching 314-2

    The auction on the 314 is ending today with no bites.. Now I have my heart set on unloading it for something else so I'm going to do this like a fire sale lol.. For sale is a Viking F02, mint condition, purchased new on March 27th from Ozone at 19oz with a moori-medium tip. Ozone did a crappy...
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    FS: Viking F02 Mint condition

    It's perfect.. used for a month before I bought my Samsara. It's 19.1oz. It has a moori 3-medium tip on it, but you will want to retip it since Ozone didn't do a great job (just fully disclosing lol). It plays fine as is, but anyone could tip better than they did. $500 Paypal IF done as a...
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    Anyone know where I can find some Slipstic?

    Everyone seems to be out, and Nielson's doesn't carry it.. anyone know where I could purchase some? Thanks for your time, Joe
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    FS: Predator 314-2 for a Viking F02

    I've decided to put the shaft up on eBay.. if anyone needs or knows of someone who needs, let me know. I'll also sell the mint condition F02 with original shaft (that probably needs a tip, Ozone didn't do a good job putting the moori on) and the Predator shaft for $850 shipped. The predator...
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    Viking F02 w/matched Predator 314-2

    I bought a Viking F02 back in February ($880 Ozone).. played with it a while, ordered a matching Predator 314 with a moori medium tip. Then I saw the Samsara I just had to have lol.. bought it before the Predator even arrived from Viking. I feel kinda silly having spent $340 on the Predator...
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    Couple of Samsaras

    Wife and I recently acquired these and have made them our primary cues.. Can't say enough how impressed I was in dealing with Jim and Dave at Samsara!
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    Anyone have a number for BudgetCues?

    Hi folks, when I try the 800 number it just rings to no end.. does anyone have an alternate number for Thanks in advance!