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  1. TC Mabe

    Cue Maker retiring and selling equipment.

    Copy and paste a link to the FB page ... will be easier to locate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. TC Mabe

    Riser for Cross-Slide or Tool Post ?

    I have seen risers designed to increase the swing of a lathe. Typically a 1 inch center line riser for the dovetail style mini lathes. What do you do to raise the tool ? I am envisioning a 1 inch taller tool post or a riser block to mount on the cross-slide compound which would then have the...
  3. TC Mabe

    Lathe Advice Needed I generally believed that a 40" metal lathe was widely used for cue building ... Is there any major reason this 37" would not get the job done ? The spindle bore is 1.5 and the 37" is between centers ... Says bed length is actually...
  4. TC Mabe

    CNC Advice

    I am wondering what level of involvement CNC has in your cue making. I am looking to branch out and buy some new gear. I am thinking I could get started with a 6040 or even a DIY package to do inlay work for butts and forearms. Is a 6040 large enough for other work like tapering or should I...
  5. TC Mabe

    Vendors needed for new site

    I am in the process of setting up a website that will focus on cue building and cue repair instruction. In addition, the plan is to offer supplies and machinery that are designed for cue building. If you are interested in becoming a vendor in the form of educational material or if you are a...
  6. TC Mabe

    Meucci Cue - The Champ

    I have been looking for information on my old Meucci cue ... I called Bob's place a long time ago and got his daughter on the phone ... She said there were no records on the cue. It is a 2 point cue which may not be obvious in the photos. Thanks for any info ! T.C.
  7. TC Mabe

    CNC Lathe

    Maybe it was the one from ... Todd is a member here.
  8. TC Mabe

    WTB V-Grooved Blanks

    I am interested in buying some V-Grooved blanks that I could add my own veneers to. I do not have a setup for cutting the grooves myself yet. Interested primarily in 4 point grooves to start with. Preferably curly maple. Please PM me with any information on pricing or where I can find the...
  9. TC Mabe

    Any Cuemakers need Web Spaces ?

    I have an online site that features classifieds and auction hosting as well as dedicated Yourname.MyWebsite hosting space specifically for Cuemakers. I want to offer this to AZB members only. I am not charging for the service but I would gladly accept donations of scrap wood or leftover cues...
  10. TC Mabe

    McDermott i Series Shaft Insert Repair Question

    Hey there guys ! New to AZB ! Overview: Looking for repair options (besides returning it) for a McDermott i-series shaft insert. Observations: It appears as though cross-threading has occurred and is causing the shaft to become misaligned at the joint collar. It also appears as though...