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    Markulis Memorial Aug 2-5 Sacramento Ca

    Markulis Memorial Aug 2-5 Sacramento Ca $2k added One Pocket/$3k added 9 Ball 10th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Tournament $2,000 added One Pocket Aug 2-3rd Race to 3/3 $3,000 added 9 Ball Aug 4-5th Race to 8/6 Winner Breaks, Magic Rack with 9 Ball on spot Both events are a separate $40 entry...
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    gabriel imperator-v thermostat

    I was hoping someone might have any information, schematics or user manuals for the Neocon model th-enr thermostat. It is a Korean thermostat, distributed by Wooree, but their website does not list it. Alternately, a replacement thermostat would be great, either the same one or a compatible...
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    9th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Aug 17-20 $7,500 added. A Mosconi qualifying event

    9th annual Chuck Markulis Memorial, Sacramento, Ca. $2,500 added One Pocket on August 17th and 18th. $60 Entry, Double Elimination, race to 3/2, finals a single race to 4, Player's meeting at 1:30 PM August 17th, no entries after 12:30,auction at 12:40 PM, Play begins at 2:00 PM. $5,000...
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    Mike Massey Live at Hard Times Sacramento

    Mike Massey is now live at Hard Times Billiards
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    5/13-15th,8th Markulis,Sacramento-$10,000

    8th Annual Markulis Memorial Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave. Sacramento, Ca. 95841 (916) 332-8793 May 13-15th, 9 Ball, Double Elimination, race to 9/6, finals a single race to 11, winner breaks, magic rack with 9 on spot, entry $95, no green fees, 128 limit, $10,000...
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    Integrity, the missing ingredient .

    Important Disclaimer It is not my intention to ridicule, shame, blame, insult, belittle or demean anyone in particular with this thread. The current controversy surrounding racking in 9 Ball has shown a very disheartening view into the minds of many pool players. I have been...
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    Ca. Sacramento.Feb 11-15th,$7,000 added

    Hard Times Billiards presents the 7th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Tournament Feb 11&12th $2,000 added One Pocket Feb 13-15th $5,000 added 9 Ball One Pocket $75 entry. Race to 3/2 Double Elimination,Alternate Break, Single race to 4 for the finals. 9 Ball $75 entry. Race to 8/7 Double...
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    Feb.19th-23rd,2014 Hard Times Billiards(Sacramento) $2000+$5000 added

    Hard Times BilliardsPresentsThe 6th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial TournamentFebruary 19th-23rd, 2014 9 Ball $5000 Added* One Pocket $2000 Added**Mail your entry to: 5536 Garfield Blvd Sacramento, Ca. 95841 (916)332-8793 One Pocket begins on February 19th. $60 entry fee,Field limited to 64...