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  1. tbayplayer

    WTB- OB RB1 cue

    Looking to buy an OB RB1 cue..any out there forsale? Butt only is fine, shaft is not important.
  2. tbayplayer

    Iso Mezz Kai xpg wrap

    Looking to buy a Mezz kai with xpg wrap brown. Used in great shape is fine. Can be butt only. Send me a pm.
  3. tbayplayer

    Mezz Axi 155 butt only

    Selling a Mezz Axi 155 butt only. Spanish bull leather wrap Wavy joint One small ding on forearm, more of an indent very small $625 shipped In Canada, paypal add 4 percent. Send me your email, Facebook messenger or phone number to text for pics.
  4. tbayplayer

    WTB- Mezz Pro R shaft-united joint

  5. tbayplayer

    Iso Mezz kai w/ wrap

    Looking for just a mezz pro R shaft now, bought a Kai butt, thanks
  6. tbayplayer

    Mezz ZZ38 butt only

    Looking for a Mezz ZZ38 Butt only. Shipping to Canada. New or Used, send me a PM
  7. tbayplayer

    Mezz cues FS
  8. tbayplayer

    FS: Mezz Butts & Shafts

  9. tbayplayer

    Mezz AirShooter Jump Cue

    Any used Mezz AirShooter forsale? Stock tip and ferrule still intact please. Looking to spend around $100.
  10. tbayplayer

    FS: Mezz Kai w D1-2

  11. tbayplayer

    FS: Mezz Kai w D1-2

    delete this one, double post, sorry
  12. tbayplayer

    Swapping a Revo uniloc insert for Mezz united insert

    Is this an issue to do this? Anyone ever did this swap before?
  13. tbayplayer

    Predator Sp2 w/314-2 shaft

  14. tbayplayer

    FS: Predator SP2 w/ 314-2 shaft

    Forsale I have a Predator SP2 w/314-2 shaft, uniloc. This is in really awesome used condition. Specs: Butt 14.1 oz Shaft 3.8 oz 12.74mm Balance rite ext. 2.1 oz Condition: Butt has a very small indent, nothing thru the finish. Shaft I cleaned up, nice and smooth, ready to play. ***SOLD***
  15. tbayplayer

    Mezz Kai butt w/wrap

    bought a couple brand new ones, thanks.
  16. tbayplayer

    ISO: Poison brk x j/b

    Looking for new old stock or used in mint shape. Must have the mini radials at both joints, not the version with the bullet pins. The black and red or the black and grey version. I have a used Jacoby hybrid 30 inch uni loc I could trade too Will pay up to $200 shipped/PayPal for a brand new...
  17. tbayplayer

    For trade: Mezz EC7-P Butt & Mezz Power Break 1 Butt

    FS: Mezz power break 1 w/H shaft ec7- butt is SOLD Forsale: Mezz power break 1 butt w/ Mezz pro H shaft. Breaks them effortlessly once you dial in in. One of the best breakers I've ever owned. The butt has some dings and no finish on the butt cap. Stock sonic tip. It has a stack leather wrap...
  18. tbayplayer

    ISO : Mezz Z101

    Looking for..Mezz butt, United joint, leather wrap Looking for a Mezz cue butt only, leather wrap, United joint. Used condition $300-$350 budget. I can also trade a Mezz ec7 Purple Heart butt and cash too.
  19. tbayplayer

    Looking for a Mezz Alpha Hybrid -United joint-

    Used is fine 12.8 mm. Any other 13 mm Mezz shaft i will consider .
  20. tbayplayer

    Forsale: Predator 8point Rengas w/314-3 shaft

    Forsale Predator 8 point Roadline Cue. Wrapless, ideal playing weight of 18.75oz, 314-3 shaft, stock tip(predator victory Med.) uniloc pin. Comes with a balance rite mid cue extension. Has about 60 games play on it. No damage on the cue whatsoever. Just bought in Vegas last week. SOLD