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  1. MyraCurfs

    World championchips women

    Is there a link anywhere?
  2. MyraCurfs

    Predator 10-ball

    Wow what a site... live scores, live stream etc.. Unfortanetly the stream does not work yet... And although the live scores are running.. can somebody please put down the draw??? Or am i that stupid that i can't find it.. that is really a possibilty:sorry::o
  3. MyraCurfs

    Hmm No Thread abou WC women?

    Hmm No Thread about WC women? Big big names playing out there starting tomorrow! Including Allison This time. Who is going to take the Cup!
  4. MyraCurfs

    US Open

    hey... anybody knows if there is a site.. with live scores etc..
  5. MyraCurfs

    San diego classics

    Anyone know if there is a website that covers this tournament?
  6. MyraCurfs

    Who knows!?? WC women

    Help.. where can i find the website concerning the WC women!??
  7. MyraCurfs

    European Championships coming up in 6 days

    Because i am a huge fan and because i still think women players aren't in the spotlight enough, i have opened this topic. Read the news topic about Line Kjorsvik.....on I really do hope she makes it!
  8. MyraCurfs

    Scandinavian 8-ball battle

    Niels Feijen takes second title in just 1 week. After winning the derby 9-ball last week! Niels won of just 17 year old Artem Koshovyy.. after wins over Hundall, Morris and Gomez!
  9. MyraCurfs

    WPBA Qualifier springhill

    Does anybody know who won there!
  10. MyraCurfs

    bar-restaurant opening with VIPP table 2nd februari

    Opening Night Invitation to Pro Team League Players and Fans Bar/Restaurant - "Gezellig Aan De Haven" Gezellig Aan De Haven Vissershavenweg 55A 2583 DL Scheveningen The Netherlands 19.00 Friday 2 February 2007 Pre announcement Opening bar/restaurant After 10 years of puzzling, try outs...
  11. MyraCurfs

    nice trickshots on a 6-foot

    Thanxs to motorhead of
  12. MyraCurfs

    All Japan Championships

    Does somebody know where i can find an updated website...I t was supposed to begin today but the english version is still about 2005...:confused: This is the only stuff i could find! Here are the confirmed names for International Women's: Name Country Hsiang-Ling Tan Chinese Taipei Shin-Mei...
  13. MyraCurfs

    Paul Hunter

    Yesterday Paul Hunter has lost his battle against cancer. A young talented lad has died to early.:mad: Paul Hunter has died at the age of 27 after a battle with cancer. The Leeds player was taken into the Kirkwood Hospice in Huddersfield last Friday and died on Monday evening. The...
  14. MyraCurfs

    Live Video Stream 12.30

    OK does anybody knows what to do!?
  15. MyraCurfs

    CHAT with Jasmin

    How did this go!! Can you find it somewhere!!?
  16. MyraCurfs

    Challenge Of Champions

    Anyone over there who can keep us updated!!??
  17. MyraCurfs

    Wishfull thinking

    Kirkwood, Jason Heuwagen, Lee --> Ellerby, Sarah Harper, Corey --> Basavich, Daniel --> Garrahan, Theodore Bennett, Keith Pagulayan, Alex --> Monday, Sam Orme, Chris Frost, Scott --> Varner, Nick --> Ginn, Anthony Strickland, Earl --> Paez, Ismael --> Pinegar, Jonathan Walden...
  18. MyraCurfs

    US Open

    Can somebody tell me what is needed to qualifie for the US Open!?? I would think that Jasmin Ouschan should get in easily but she still doesn't know if she is allowed to play!
  19. MyraCurfs

    Only a few hours before IPT takes off!! Yeah...Go Dutchies!!!!
  20. MyraCurfs

    Mosconicup for Women

    Who would like to see that happen?? I Would love to see this happen! Anyone want to sponsor this event. My choice for Europe: Jasmin Ouschan Line Kjorsvik Allison Fisher Karen Corr Gerda Hofstatter What would be you choice for the USA