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    Moved ball while jacked up?

    Cue ball fouls only. But if you move a ball during a stroke or right after (commonly if jacked up over a ball and contact that object ball on stroke/follow thru) then its a foul I swear I've played this rule but I can't remember which tournament/tour used it
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    Philly rooms/action

    What are good rooms to find players in Philly? A friend and I are visiting soon and we're looking to play $20 to $100 sets. 9/10 ball or maybe 1p. I'm a 650 fargo and my buddy is a 700.
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    Do fargo ratings change fast enough?

    For very established players is it changing fast enough? Seems like Van Boening hasn't performed as well over the last year compared to the past (could be wrong, but seems like results aren't his usual domination and there are many guys playing better it seems). Yet his rating hasn't moved. I...
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    Fargorate outlier

    Lopsided score here ;)
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    US Open Jim Wych drinking game

    I know its early in the day but....drink when Jim says deposits the 9 ball useful every chance to secure the rack just when you thought it was safe anxious moments anymore??
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    Revo availability

    Anyone know when the Revos are coming into stock? I'm looking for a radial 12.4
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    US Open - Earl not allowed to use earplugs

    Had them on for the first couple games of his match, but then had to remove them. I thought they were allowed in previous years. Does SVB have to keep hearing aid on?
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    Won't be coming back to BCA vegas for a while

    This will be my last BCA Vegas trip for a while. It’s been my favorite tournament for years but it has really gone downhill. Poor payouts. Details in other posts, but the payouts are lacking for a national tournament. I don't care about winning my entry fee back or matches worth a 20 dollar...
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    winner vs alternate break, computer simulated

    I've always been curious about the difference and if it matters. So, I wrote a software program which runs random simulated races in both formats. I thought that winner break should obviously favor the better breaker. Well the effect is very small, so effectively it doesn't matter when the...
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    BCAPL Scotch doubles, gender req

    Now that they use FargoRate to split divisions and cap ratings for scotch, is there a reason why there is a 1 male/1 female requirement? I enjoy doubles but there are very few females to team with, and my vegas team has always been guys.
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    revo, miscues?

    Has anyone who switched to a Revo noticed an increase in miscues? I'm getting a lot more than my old cue. Unfortunately, I put a new to me brand of tip on my Revo, so I'm not sure if its something about the revo/diameter. Or the tip.
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    Revo finish repair

    My revo shaft has a scuff in it. Any ideas on how to fix? I was thinking just a black sharpie...
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    derby city 9 ball breaking rules?

    anyone know the rules for this year? 9 on spot? template? 2 ball location?
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    This fixes pro pool on bar tables

    7/9 * 4.5 = 3.5 inch pockets
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    FargoRate question, time?

    Does time factor into the rating calculation or robustness at all? For example Wu, Jiaqing is world number one. But we have a lot more recent results from other top players Shane, Dennis, Alex, etc... I'd think that old results (a few years or older) would become less weighted compared to...
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    Vegas BCAPL 2016, fargorate problems

    There are two divisions in vegas BCA teams this year, five man teams. Lower div capped at 3000 total fargo rating, the upper at 3250. See form My prediction. The winning team in the lower division...
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    Death of rack your own

    No rack your own, and Shane is out.
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    Wisc BCAPL 2015, why only for state leagues?

    2015 BCAPL Wisconsin State Championships February 25 - March 1, 2015 Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Milwaukee, WI Just wondering why this tournament is exclusive to Wisconsin league players (I'm from Minnesota). We use to...
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    Accu stats 10 ball..slop allowed only on kick shots?

    SVB just hooked himself on 8 ball, fired a kick at break speed and slopped it in. Call pocket...but no call pocket if you're kicking at a ball?? Who makes up these rules? :rolleyes:
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    FS: New OB-2 Shaft Radial Pin Black Collar

    First time selling. Rossaroni can confirm my identity and trustworthiness, ask him to PM me and I'll let him know who I am. I have a brand new, in plastic, OB-2 shaft 29". Using a predator now so I don't need it. It seems to have a brown layered tip on it but I can't tell through the plastic...