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  1. Dimeball

    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    I love this!!!! I also think its hilarious how many are on board with this seeing that it wasn't too long ago every single "poster" on this forum were cocked 24/7 at the ready anytime a tourney came up that wasn't WPA sanctioned to point that out,,, ah ah aahhh doesn't count... BS. Now that WPA...
  2. Dimeball

    AZB Money list

    So it looks like AZB reset all of the history on money payouts. I assume this is to further support Matchroom and just in time as you know who was about to pass the goat on the all time winnings.... anybody have more info?
  3. Dimeball

    Jayson Shaw

    For sure, finally beating SVB after 27 tries at those long races and now he's God's gift to balls and sticks... I especially thought he was shite calling out Earls WC's... doesn't matter what the pockets were, everyone else played on the same table as he did and he still won, dunno 3-5 WC's...
  4. Dimeball

    SHARKS “Internationals v Philippines” Series- SVB, Chang JL, Appleton take on Philippines (From 8 Sep)

    Someone should update the original post stats. Not sure if the Philippines have made any improvements.
  5. Dimeball

    Getting Better...

    I get that, but, the point is go back 5,10, or 15 years ago, and what maybe 5 guys and Allison were in this range... all I'm saying is that it currently appears better
  6. Dimeball

    Getting Better...

    According to AZB, the top 15 players all have earned over $90K. Maybe pools best years are yet to come... ?
  7. Dimeball

    Shaw vs SVB updates

    From what I see, BORING. SVB has drummed Shaw so many times, if they are going to keep this going, Shaw has to win at least once now that Dennis can't come to the US. I'm in no way saying that SVB is letting him win, slow y'all roll...LOLOL. The final day should be interesting, especially if...
  8. Dimeball


    He made that look like a bar table run out.
  9. Dimeball

    Turning Stone

  10. Dimeball

    Turning Stone

    Anyone know of a bracket / players list?
  11. Dimeball

    Won lost record between Efren and Earl?

    Exactly, Archer had to win because he's more likable or something, Earl's record in the 90's was much more impressive IMO.
  12. Dimeball

    The Mind Game, Part 1

    I had the VHS tapes.. haha... the original ones with the real balls, not just two colors, and I can't say enough how great they are. For me, this was the first experience I had inside the head of a real champion. For hours he breaks down shot after shot. He maps the entire table, out load to the...
  13. Dimeball

    SVB and Matchroom have a Jr Tournament

    wow, this is impressive! The possibilities that this comes with definitely adds to a better future for pool, particularly USA pool. Hopefully this will motivate a young generation, provide the US kids a look at the European and players from other countries, to practice the game in a professional...
  14. Dimeball

    Omega TV formal request, I'm begging!!!!

    Of all the pool commentators in the world, the single one that makes me want to run head first into a wall is that guy Joey. Please for the love of all that is sacred, someone else, anyone else, I mean anybody but that guy!!! Watching the reloop and this dude is awful, never shuts up... "for...
  15. Dimeball

    Darren Appleton Video: "Banned! My Story"

    My only issue is testing during a tourney. Should be done prior to start or completely after it’s finished. Pool is a very mental and emotional game that takes devotion and commitment, wee testing is a dis traction that is uncalled for during play.
  16. Dimeball

    Shaw 714 DVD

    Everyone had to know this would happen. The original asking price is absurd. Let this be a lesson to you kids, don't fall for the turd in the box marked guaranteed, to quote Tommy B. Also, for heavens sakes, Shaw has stated he will have a go at it again, the record will likely fall sooner rather...
  17. Dimeball

    2022 World Pool Masters (May 5-8)

    Yup, Mika and He are in now. Omar and Lung are out. Travel issues.
  18. Dimeball


    Is there anyway to look at previous stats?
  19. Dimeball

    SVB World Champion Interview

    agree... sometimes it's like he didn't hear (no pun here) the question or read lips or however he does it... his answers sometimes are out in right field. All good though, he was definitely on cloud 9, and that's good for him!
  20. Dimeball

    Stats -- Reinhold vs. McMinn 10-Ball Race to 100, April 2022

    I don't think anyone is surprised by the outcome in this one...