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    Jacoby Ultra Pro Shaft (low deflection?)

    For the last couple of years I had been playing a predator 9k-2 and revo shaft. However, over the last couple of months I was using my 314-3 shaft and really enjoy playing with a wood shaft over the carbon fibre shafts. I've come to realize that I just prefer the feel of the hit from wood. A...
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    Shafts and Breakers

    Shafts and break cues for sale. Predator Vantage Shaft- 12.9mm x 29" (Uni Loc) w/ Tiger Sniper Tip. Lightly used. $175.00 Muecci Pro Shaft- 12.5mm x 29" (5/16 x 14) w/ Ultraskin Medium tip. lightly used. $175 Pechauer Rogue CF Shaft- 12.4mm x 30" (Uni Loc) w/ Pechauer Gold Medium Tip...
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    True Splice vs. C4 Technology

    I'm looking at the Predator roadline limited edition 16 point true spliced cue and wanted to hear any opinions from anyone who has it. The new Roadline (Cocobolo) is aluminum radial pin true splice. I currently play with a Predator 9K-2 butt and Revo 12.9 shaft (unilock). What would the hit...
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    What's Open in California

    Hello everyone, Like most of you I was falsely accused of being a severe risk to the health of everyone around me in addition to myself; thus I was placed on some type of variant form of house arrest for the last 10 months. However the powers to be knew me all too well, and to ensure that I...