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    Matching set Omen player and JB

    I told myself this is one I’d never sell, but I’m scaling back my collection to what I actually need, not want. Pete Omen player and jump/break with matching wood and ringwork. Cocobola on bird’s eye. Everything rolls straight. 13mm tips, 58” cue, weight is 19ish ounces. I couldn’t find my...
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    FS: Brunswick Anniversary Mark Gregory built

    Putting up for sale only because we've moved to a new house and can no longer accomidate this beauty. 9 ft Anniversary built by Mark Gregory. Walnut rails. Pockets tightened to 4.5". Plays even better than it looks. Currently dismantled and in a climate controlled environment. Pics are of...
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    Efren vs Grady match Came across this one yesterday. Great play, good quality video and no detracting commentary.
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    What It's George cue is this?

    A few months back, I scored this George cue off the auction site and really like it a lot. Any idea what model it is? Is the white stuff the genuine fancy white stuff? Both shafts are original and straight and I'd like to keep it that way, but prefer a 12.75 mm tip. What's a ballpark price...
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    It's George cue linen wrap

    I recently acquired an older Ebony on maple 4 point 4 veneer with ivory spears George cue with a black and white fleck linen wrap. Beautiful cue and plays great. I've never been a huge linen wrap fan and wanted to put either a black ring tale lizard or a textured leather wrap on it. My question...
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    Id this chair

    Scooped this up off Craigslist for not a lot of money. It's solid mahogany with brass inserts for cue holder and coaster. Owner said he got it from an estate auction and it had a tag with a British flag on it. It gorgeous. It's easily the nicest piece of furniture I own. Anyone know who made it...
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    Scored a Sport King

    Found this one on CL and the price was right so I figured I'd check it out. I'm closing on a house later this month with a sizable basement. I'm on short cash with the closing so whatever I found would have to not need a ton of work or not be too much $$. For what I got, I think I did pretty...
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    FS: 9' Brunswick Anniversary DC

    One sweet playing table.
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    FS: 9' Brunswick Anniversary DC

    Asking $4500, have much more in it than that. Reluctantly, I'm putting my beautiful 9' Anniversary model DC on the market. I've had it for less than a year and it is in wonderful shape for an un-restored table. Setup and all work done by Mark Gregory including: 1. New Simonis 860 2. New...
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    Asking a favor... dimensions of an Anniversary

    I'm away from my table and need to order a cover. Could someone measure the table length and width and apron height of a 9' Anniversary for me. Muchas Gracias
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    Problems with table in an apartment?

    Besides pissing of neighbors and becoming wildly popular with those who have non-adjoining units, are there any structural concerns with having a 9' table on the second floor of an apartment?
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    Bought an Anniversary, How'd I do? Spoke with the seller before bidding, he said it was in his father's poolroom and was the main action table so it was used far less than the others. Model D-C, it has been recovered 3 times, has...