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  1. KarenTang

    Aiming 101 please

    I know the spot on the object ball the cue has to hit in order to pocket. However I don't know which part of the cue ball needs to hit that spot. I cannot "see the ghost ball". I see the spot and aim slightly farther so the "nose" of the cue ball hits that slightly off compensated point. It is...
  2. KarenTang

    Is the BK2 break cue BCA legal?

    The tip is a mix of carbon fibers and phenolic. Ty.
  3. KarenTang

    Looking for beginner's instructor

    Brand new to pool. I'm a 1 in 9 ball and 2 in 8 ball in APA as reference to skill level. Really need to get fundamentals down. Aiming, body positioning, stance, etc... Cut shots are my biggest problem right now, as far as I can tell. Looking for a patient kind instructor. Easy going as I'm...