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    My Favorite Bob Byrne Anecdote

    Many, many years ago Bob told me this story. He was living in Mill Valley and frequented nearby Novato Billiards, The room had a dozen or so pool tables and four billiard tables. Bob organized monthly three-cushion tournaments for the regulars. One time he approached a young hot-shot pool...
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    Sayginer Live

    Live now Turkish championship final Sayginer vs Incekara.
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    3C in Houston

    I will be in Houston (Texas) on Sept. 14th and 15th. Looking for a game,
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    Jaspers at Mazin's Room

    There is supposed to be a free stream today. What is the link, please.
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    Pin Billiards

    Check out this page: He has over a thousand videos of pin billiards including all the key matches from last week's Italian championships. High quality video and high quality play. And take a look at the size of the crowd!
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    Pedro Playing Now
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    Semih's Return?
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    A Conundrum from Facebook

    Hector Ruiz posted on Facebook: "Player A and player B both need 2 points. Player A scores 1 point with the yellow ball (his ball) and yellow ball freezes with the white ball. Player A sets up the balls in the correct location but mistakenly switches the balls. Player A shoots the white ball...
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    World Junior 3C Tournament

    Kozoom has added this event to their live schedule "Free to all members" Oct. 3-6. The list of participants is here:
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    Greek Billiard Patron

    Here's an interesting article on Kozoom about Greece's Billiard Sugar Daddy -- Wouldn't it be nice to find one of those for the USA.
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    Blomdahl just won the World Cup in Greece in spectacular fashion. Playing to 40 points he finished his 5 games in 17, 10, 18, 13, and 15 innings for a tournament average of 2.74.
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    Caudron Wins Superprestige Tournament

    Fred and his longtime friend Eddy Leppens gave quite a show in the final. L: 7-3-1-1-1-0-10-0-0-3 (2.60 avg) C: 1-5-8-3-0-13-2-3-0-5 (4.00 avg) Easy game.
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    3C Tournament in Turkey

    Kozoom has an article about this tournament (which starts tomorrow) here: At one point it says: "The matches can be followed on the website of Arena cafe billardo." I can't find any such...
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    Who is Billy Smith?

    We know it isn't Bill Smith (AKA Mr3Cushion) because he has said more than once: "First of all, my name is BILL Smith, try to remember that! Only my mother and father called me Billy!" However I keep running across this other person named Billy Smith as I peruse the internet. In Mike Shamos'...
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    Pedro to Play in Greece in Sept.

    The seeds and wild cards for the World Cup in Greece in September have been announced, and Pedro Piedrabuena has been given one of the wild card spots.
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    What a Coincidence!

    The featured shot on the Kozoom front page ( and the shot in Rip's Tips in this month's USBA newsletter ( are essentially the same shot. The second one is described as a fluke (maybe?), but...
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    Live 3-Cushion from Colombia

    Kim vs Zanetti live now:
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    Therese Wins

    And it's available on Kozoom!
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    Agipi 2013 Finals

    The pairings and start times have been posted on Kozoom. Just a note: since the US is on DST but Europe is not, the time differences are an hour less than usual. Specifically: Thursday's first match, Cenet vs Cho, starts at 18.00 Central European Time which translates to 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT).