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    Lightly used Predator Revo 12.9 Uniloc - $395

    Lightly used Predator Revo 12.9 Uniloc - $390 plus shipping Only used maybe 20 racks...tip was never scuffed or shaped, but was chalked. Looks brand new and will come with everything just like a new shaft. $390 - Shipping to lower 48 only (approx $20 shipping) Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Brand new, unchalked Predator Revo 12.4 Uniloc - $440 plus shipping

    Gone Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    WTB - Joe Porper 2x4 or 4x8 Butterfly case

    Looking for this case in Cordura really, but would also be interested in the vinyl or leatherette.
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    Wanted: Original Schon stitch ring shaft

    I am looking for a Runde era Schon stitched ring shaft. No aftermarket shafts please...must be an original Schon Prefer old wood, yellow Micarta, but will look at all. Thanks Joe
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    Different Schon joints?

    In this picture it shows 2 types of Schon shaft joints. Are there differences or is one clearly aftermarket? Any info would be helpful... Thanks Joe
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    Very nice Lee Peppers

    Selling a beautiful Lee Peppers. Everything is perfect, like brand new - Dated 2012 Rolls dead straight... Butt - 15.6oz white/brown spec linen wrap 4 even / sharp points, Kingwood and Maple Radial pin, Micarta joint Shaft 3.8oz, 13.10mm, Micarta Ferrule SOLD........... Thanks Joe