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    Gandy Big G ball return

    Hello all. Been some time since i last posted. I built a ball box for my Gandy a long time ago but lost steam in getting a rail system working. I just recently had enough with walking around the table to retrieve the balls and decided to finish it. Easy enough really. Basically everything was...
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    test table image

    testing table images
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    9 ball break resolution

    I have played in a fair amount of halls in the NY/NJ area and never found to have an issue with my 9 ball break. I am now regularly playing in a hall in Raleigh NC and CAN'T drop a ball on the break to save my life. This has become a major crutch in my game and can't seem to find a way out of...
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    Pro's shooting with mass produced cues?

    I never really paid much attention to who is shooting with what until I watched a few videos on You Tube. There was a series called what's in your case and I watched one for Johnny Archer. He spoke about his line of cues and that he shoots with one. He made a very clear point regarding the shaft...
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    Re-stretch results with 860

    I'll get the question out of the way first. How much material should you be able to get out of a re-stretch ? I just got about 1 1/2 inches of material past the bottom edge of the table. The felt was trimmed even with the end of the table when it was originally covered with new 860 Simonis. It...
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    Possible pool promotions

    So I have been reading a lot of comments and criticisms about the game of pool not growing. I am far from being a promoter but have been giving this some thought. I checked some of the sites regarding net incomes of casinos and wondering if this may be a direction worth considering. Reports of...
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    Testin post image

    checking to see how this works
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    Shimming pockets and a restretch Questions

    I've been doing some searching on this site regarding pocket width. I see that 4.5" is considered on the tight side and 5" is rather loose. I have a Gandy Big G table that has been redone about a year ago and so the question is, is there a way of shimming the pockets down to 4.5"? I placed two...
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    Gandy BigG Ball Return and pocket Questions

    Hello all, I have a black 9' Big G Gandy at my house and so far has served me well. I have been searching this site for info about ball returns for Gandys and have not found anything yet. I have noticed that they are not very well liked. Oh well, for the money it has Italian slate and rolls...
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    Newbie saying hello

    Looked around for a while and didn't see a specific place to place my first post. Sorry if this isn't it. I'm new to this site but been shooting for 21 years. My approach to the game has always been to advance my abilities. Never really interested in casual shooting. Before my family days I...