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    Dr Dave not on Youtube anymore?

    I thought my point was pretty clear, and apparently it was to everyone but you. You made a stupid, needlessly negative remark and you're getting hammered for it by lots of folks on this site. NOW do you understand or should I re-state in even smaller words?
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    World-Class Customer Service Experience with Schmelke

    I've had 2 Schmelke cues and my experience were similar to yours. Neither is my main player but excellent product, customer service and prices for an American company.
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    Dr Dave not on Youtube anymore?

    Dr. Dave has a PHD in mechanical engineering. Saying stuff like your comment makes you appear foolish.
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    How many Cues do you own today

    I understand, but you have a reputation you don't really want. Just take a little extra time to proof read before you hit enter. We'll all appreciate that.
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    How many Cues do you own today

    Come on, man. We know how he is but that's a little harsh, don't you think?
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    How many Cues do you own today

    I currently have 5 playing cues and a breaker. 2 Pechauer Pros, a Pechauer JP, a Josey Custom, and a Lucasi. I've only played a few years so I've bought and sold more than I care to mention, trying to find just what I feel most comfortable with and I hope I'm done for the time being. I have...
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    How many Cues do you own today

    Yes, we all know Cocobolo Cowboy struggles with writing skills, but if you have an education perhaps it should enable you to express yourself with a little more sophistication and less needless hostility.
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    Pechauer P05-K

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    300-600 dollar cue advice

    BTW...I just sent you a pm; I have a Pechauer for sale...
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    I see you're considering a Pechauer for your playing cue. I just posted one of mine for sale...

    I see you're considering a Pechauer for your playing cue. I just posted one of mine for sale. Very good price and the cue is in excellent condition. Check it out and let me know if you're interested.
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    300-600 dollar cue advice

    It's all a matter of taste, but having played Joss and Pechauer, it's absolutely Pechauer. I own both their JP and Pro series cues, and quality, playability, customer service are all the very best. The grow their own trees, process them in their own sawmill and kilns, build all their own screws...
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    Pechauer P05-K

    Pechauer Pro cue model P05-K. $295 plus shipping. No-stain figured Maple cue with Bocote wrap. Piloted pro series speed joint. Personally inspected and hand-signed by Joe Pechauer. I’ve had this cue for 2 years and it’s in excellent to like-new condition because I haven’t played it much. That’s...
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    Meucci Cues

    I just saw this. You are not alone in your negative experience with Meucci. I've never owned one but know a lot of guys that play them and I often hear that they play older Meucci's but would never buy a new one and that they have also had very poor customer service experiences. I don't have a...
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    Predator Men's Event Cancelled, Alberta Canada.

    Or maybe the idiot is the guy that needlessly makes an ignorant political comment in a forum where it is completely inappropriate and unnecessary.
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    What has happened to Billiards Gloves?

    I bought a couple gloves on Amazon for $8 each, and they're great. I'm now seeing several guys at my local pool hall playing the exact gloves. Easy to tell because there's a strange and easily visible logo. There are some real bargains out there.
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    Your best playing production cue

    I have a Schmelke I'm considering selling. PM me and we can discuss if you're interested.
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    Most underrated traditional style custom maker

    Keith Josey in Savannah.
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    Your best playing production cue

    Pechauer. Unbeatable quality at very reasonable prices. The grow their own trees, harvest them themselves, process them in their own sawmill, and build every screw and joint in their own metal shop. Who else does that? Great customer service on top of all that.
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    Anyone else ever pull out an old cue, play great with it, and suddenly doubt which is your favorite?

    So really your answer is yes. You really don't have a favorite.