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  1. chitownnorth

    Jimmy Reid Quote

    Does anyone remember a quote that Jimmy said about side pocket shots during a certain part of the game? I can't remember exactly what he said. Thanks
  2. chitownnorth

    Northern Illinois

    Hi, I'm looking to have Simonis installed on my a Brunswick table and cannot seem to find anyone in this area (Illinois/Wisconsin border, McHenry County). I've made a few calls but have come up dry. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
  3. chitownnorth

    Anybody Ever Hear Of

    There was a guy named Tommy Sanders, (not the Tommy from Texas). This Tommy was from Kentucky and lived in Cleveland at least during the 1970s. He moved away in either the late 70s or early 80s. He was a small guy, probably no more than 5'4" or so. He'd be in his 70s by now. He was the first...
  4. chitownnorth

    Looking For Jacoby Jump Cue

    Hi, I'm looking for the extended 3 piece Jacoby jump cue. Thanks