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  1. NicKen

    Wanted Cue Case Sleeve/outer cover

    Hello, Looking for a cue case outer "Sleeve" that will fit a 2x4 case. Want nice cloth sleeve like comes with the higher end cue case like Jack Justis or the GTF Please Pm me if you have one you will sell.
  2. NicKen

    Wanted - "Bet High Kiss Low"

    Looking for a very good to fine copy of Gradys Book. Loaned mine out awile ago and it dosn't look like it is coming back. See one just sold a week or so back but I missed it. Let me know if you have one and what you want $$$$. Thank you
  3. NicKen

    Lessons in Las Vegas??

    I will be in Las Vegas over the weekend of July 22nd thru the 25th and would like to get some 3 cushion lessons. Any Ideas Thank you, Michael
  4. NicKen

    Gilbert Nautical Titlist

    Gilbert Nautical Theme Titlist $2,850.00 58 inches Long 2 Shafts - 13mm each - Ivory ferruls 21oz - with both shafts Ivory Cap on the Joint Pin and In each point in has a small circle with "N" "S" "E" "W". and the Wood diamond at the base of each point, 4 Ivory Inlays at each Point with...
  5. NicKen

    Antique House Cues - Daddy of TruBalnace

    Old one piece house Cues. Daddy of the TruBalance. These would look good on the Wall or Use for Conversions. I measured for those who may want for conversions. They LOOK Sooo much better than the ones done with Modern House Cues. Remember that ALL these Cues are 85 years old or More Price is...
  6. NicKen

    3 Generations of Hoppe Cues

    Cleaning out some old Cues first up. 3 Generations of Hoppe Cues - 1ea1950's - 1ea 1960's -2ea 1970's. Would look good on the Wall or use them for Conversions. All are "A" Typical Hoppe's...Leather Wrap, Black Trim Ring, Brass Joint, ect... The weights Left to Right 21oz,22oz,19oz,19oz. These...