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  1. bearsafety

    FS// Jacoby Jump cue!

    Selling this BARELY used Jacoby jump cue. It comes in at 7.5 oz on my scale. $90 PayPal Gift or if Regular PayPal you cover the 3% paypal fee. email is
  2. bearsafety

    FS:: Kevin Varney Laminated J/B !

    Kevin Varney Jump Break cue with a laminated shaft. 3/8 x10 joint. I dont have an electronic scale but it appears to be pretty close to the butt weighing 15oz. and the shaft 3.75oz. There are two small lacquer chips in the butt by the joint that i tried to get in the picture. $400 PayPal gift or...
  3. bearsafety

    Valley VNEA Indiana Appeal ?

    Can somebody tell me or show me where to go online to appeal a ranking to go down a skill level. I was told I only have until the 15th ?
  4. bearsafety

    OB Classic or 314 ?

    I have an old 314 with the long ferrule and its time to upgrade to a newer shaft. Ive had bad luck with 314's warping but love the feel of them. Are the OB Classics just as good or better? I know they are cheaper and come with a warranty... Thanks in advance.
  5. bearsafety

    FS: 3/8x10 OB1 original shaft

    This shaft is from the first run of OB1 shafts they put out i believe. It is straight and in good shape! email me at $128 shipped SOLD!!!!!!!
  6. bearsafety

    WTB: Radial predaor 314 first Gen shaft

    Please hit me up if you have a Radial 314 you would be willing to let go of. I want the first generation with the hair bit longer ferrules. :thumbup:
  7. bearsafety

    Valley rules ?

    If B players play on an A team and finish in the top 3, do the B players become A's the following years or Masters? Indiana divisions are B,A, & Masters ( I know some states have a AA and so on..)
  8. bearsafety

    shaft that has a taper roll...

    My shaft has a slight lift in the middle of the taper. the tip doesnt leave the table. Will a taper warp throw your stroke or shot off?
  9. bearsafety

    FS::Radial 314 first gen

    I would also trade this for a 3/8x10 314 shaft. It is in like new condition and it is THE straightest 314 ive ever seen! I have had over a handful of 314's and they are hard to get perfectly straight from factory, but this is legit. $190 ppg email is
  10. bearsafety

    Coker 4pt hoppe 2 shafts CRAZY CHEAP!

    I need money fast. This cue is roughly 19 oz. Great shooter, rolls straight! no nicks. You will not find a quality cue such as this W/ 2 shafts on here right now, i can almost guarantee that.. Was selling for $480, I need it gone NOW!! $390 PPG Contact me via email preferably at...
  11. bearsafety

    Coker 4pt hoppe 2 shafts CRAZY CHEAP!

    I need money fast. This cue is roughly 19 oz. Great shooter, rolls straight! no nicks. $480 PPG $420 PPG !!!!!!
  12. bearsafety

    Coker 4pt hoppe 2 shafts CHEAP!

    I need money fast. This cue is roughly 19 oz. Great shooter, rolls straight! no nicks. $480 PPG $420 PPG !!!!!!
  13. bearsafety

    BCA League in Indiana?

    I play in VNEA Valley leagues and want to be signed up to be able to play in the state tournament for the BCA league. Is there anyone that knows anywhere close to Monticello indiana ?
  14. bearsafety

    FS::Radial 314 first gen

    I am looking to trade or sell this shaft. I want another LD shaft in exchange. I prefer first generation Predators but will take offers on others. $185 ppg -- This shaft is the STRAIGHTEST SHAFT I have ever seen, especially from Predator. I bought this used off of here about a year ago but i...
  15. bearsafety

    Anybody heard of Fred West cues??

    I have a friend who bought a used custom cue at a pawn shop and they told him the cue maker was fred west. I cant find anything on him. Have any of you guys heard of him or his business and how reputable his cues are? Kind of looking at a value of one of his four point sneakies with a few rings...
  16. bearsafety

    WTB:: Simonis Electric Blue Rail Cloth

    I need just enough cloth for new rails. It doesnt matter what number of simonis it is. I just need a high performance material that lasts. Does anybody have some laying around they would sell on the cheap side? (7' valley table with shimmed pockets)
  17. bearsafety

    WTB:: Valley 93 rails for a 7' standard bar box

    Looking for like new rails that all match and are straight with great rubber. I am not familiar with the subject but I tried to put on some of my friends Dynamo 37 rails and they didnt quite work.. Please message me!
  18. bearsafety

    WTB: Blackcreek

    Looking for something that is or can be 18.5 oz or under, and UNDER $900.
  19. bearsafety

    8' table dimensions throw your game off?

    Ive always heard the legend that shooting on an 8' table will throw your angles off when you shoot on a 7' or 9' table because they are different somehow... Is this true? I found an 8' table I want but want to know if this is true or a myth?
  20. bearsafety

    Changing a shaft collar?

    I purchased a mint condition 314 1st Generation with a custom ugly collar ring in it. I cant shoot with it because it doesnt match my cue and it messes with my head. I have a Mike Stacey cue with a carmel natural wood type joint collar. Can someone tell me where to send my shaft to fix it that...