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  1. 9balllvr

    Quick Sale Needed - Hunter Custom Cue

    Been wanting to sell the above mentioned Hunter Custom cue for some time but never received an offer worthy of parting with it - need to get rid of it now, so entertaining all offers - here are the specs (email is if you want to contact me directly): wrap: white with double...
  2. 9balllvr

    East Coast Pool Tour Summer Sizzler Dates (CT)

    Posting for a friend, if you have questions, see below contact info: Summer Sizzler Event No. 1 Fats Pool Room Derby, CT May 16 - 17, 2009 203-734-7713 Entry $50, eight ball event Summer Sizzler Event No. 2 US-1 Billiards West Haven, CT June 26 - 27, 2009 Entry $50, ten ball event Both events...
  3. 9balllvr

    Larry Lisciotti Memorial 9-Ball Event (CT)-April 25th-26th

    Hello all. Posting this for a friend, so please direct questions to the contact info below: April 25th-26th East Coast Pool Tour Hosts "Larry Lisciotti Memorial 9-Ball All Class Event" Venue: US 1 Billiards West Haven, CT Entry fees (add $35 membership fee if you haven't played in three...
  4. 9balllvr

    Big Daddy's (Glen Burnie, MD) Monthly-April 4th

    more details can be found here:
  5. 9balllvr

    Wanted: Huebler Sneaky Pete

    Hello all. I am looking for a Huebler Sneaky Pete (light wood, looks like house cue) in great shape, if you have one or know of a distributor, please drop me a line. Thanks.
  6. 9balllvr

    Maryland Open 2009 14.1 Straight Pool Championship

    The time has come again for the Maryland Open 2009 14.1 Straight Pool Championship. Here are the specifics for those interested in attending or in sponsoring the event in some fashion. Past events included such names as Danny Barouty, Steve Lipsky, Shaun Wilkie, Danny Harriman, Grady Mathews...
  7. 9balllvr

    For Sale: Olhausen 8 Foot Table w/equip (CT)

    I am posting this for a friend here in Connecticut, so please feel free to contact me if interested: Olhausen 8 foot table - three piece slate, burgundy cloth This item comes with Belgium balls, a rack, brown dust cover, bridge, eight 57" Dufferin cues and a 52" cue. The table is located in...
  8. 9balllvr

    Rooms Closed, Now Where (MD/DE/PA)

    since i moved to northern maryland, i have not found but a couple of pool rooms in the area and both are 45 minutes or more away (Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, PA and Top Hat in Towson, MD) - does anyone know of any other locations nearby that have a nine foot table on hand to practice...
  9. 9balllvr

    Oct 11th-12th: Predator 9Ball Tour Finale

    For those of you in the area, Tony Robles and the Predator 9-Ball Tour will be holding the Season Finale this weekend - 1st Annual Predator 9-Ball Tour Empire State 9-Ball Championship For more information, visit (please do not contact me regarding this event as I am...
  10. 9balllvr

    2008 Carolina Open Updates

    For those of you that come straight to the forums without visiting the homepage, here are some updates from North Carolina: one-pocket brackets: warm-up and day one one-pocket...
  11. 9balllvr

    Carolina Open Travels

    is there anyone in the Maryland area that would be interested in making the trip to the Carolina Open next week for a few days? not necessarily looking to share a room, but gas and to keep me company on the long drive. thanks.
  12. 9balllvr

    Bankroll 8-Ball Challenge (Browns Billidards in Raleigh, NC)-August 30, 2008

    Please note there there will be an event at Brown's Billiards this weekend as follows - contact Josh Leone or the venue directly with questions. Bankroll 8-Ball Challenge Brown's Billiards Raleigh, NC August 30, 2008 919-878-9092 Entry $50, start time 12pm $500 added (with 32 players) or $1000...
  13. 9balllvr

    Qualifiers for WPBA Carolina Classic Event, 2008 Carolina Open, and 2008 U.S. Open

    Please note the three separate qualifiers below that Brass Tap & Billiards in Raleigh, North Carolina, will be holding starting this weekend. The first event is a WPBA qualifier, but the two that follow in September are not. If you have questions, please direct them to the pool room as I am...
  14. 9balllvr

    New Women Only Tour in NC, SC, TN, and GA

    For those women down in the NC/SC/TN/GA area that have been grumbling about not having a women's only competitive tour in the area, you will have an option beginning in October - here's your chance to support such a venture. Take a look:
  15. 9balllvr

    Closest Rooms to the PA/DE/MD Borders

    finally making a move and am wondering what rooms are closest to the PA/DE/MD borders - i know Pockets in Aberdeen closed, but is there anything closer than Top Hat in Towson, MD? also, anyone know why Pockets closed since i am at it. thanks.
  16. 9balllvr

    Carolina Billiards (Wilson, NC) August 22-24 2008

    Please do not contact me for more information, I am posting this for another. The contact for this event is listed below for those that are interested. Carolina Billiards Presents The Old Williams Billiards Memorial Classic Open 9Ball Tournament 3505 Airport Blvd, Wilson, NC 27896 252-243-5316...
  17. 9balllvr

    Contact Information-Earl Harper (Melbourne Florida)

    Does anyone know Earl and/or his family? trying to find contact information as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
  18. 9balllvr

    Maryland Qualifier-World 14.1 Straight Pool Championship

    For additional information on this event, contact Big Daddy's Billiards at (410) 760-1332 or Venue located at: 7954 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Suite 2-G Glen Burnie, MD 21060 Website: Maryland Qualifier for the World 14.1 Straight Pool...
  19. 9balllvr

    Weekly 9-Ball Tournaments at Big Daddy's Billiards (Maryland)

    For additional information on the following, contact Big Daddy's Billiards at (410) 760-1332 or Weekly 9-Ball Tournaments: Tuesday nights at 8pm - $20 entry, $10 women Saturday afternoon at 2pm - $20 entry Upcoming: *14.1 Straight Pool in-house leagues...
  20. 9balllvr

    12 Foot Snooker Table Pricing Question

    I am looking for a ballpark figure for a 12 foot snooker table. I do not know the brand yet, but know of someone that has two tables and neither of us knew what one would run (to come up with a fair price). One table has laminated rails and the other wood rails. If you have any information...