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    Big Balls Step Qualfiers in Wichita, Ks I also put the link to the Big Balls Tournament (entry is $1,000 or one of two winners of final qualifier)
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    Big Balls Tournament in Wichita, Ks. Aug 23/24 $1,000 entry fee, no quarters or green fees, race to 7 8 ball, alt breaks, BCA rules, 32 players.
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    Help Needed? Need Picture of Player

    I am on the selection committee for establishing a Wichita Pool Players Hall of Fame. We are doing this in a professional manner, and our exhibits will reflect that. We have selected 3 players for our first year. One of the inductees is Greg 'Big Train' Stevens, who has passed. We have...
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    Rules Question

    I have never come across this situation before, and that's why I am asking: In Short rack 8 ball (4 stripes, 4 solids, and 8 ball racked as 9 ball, then played as normal BCA 8 ball after the break), this is what happened: Player made 3 stripes and a solid on the break. Player then shoots the...
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    For Sale - Brunswick GC I, Wichita, Ks.

    For sale is a 4.5 x 9 1960's Brunswick Gold Crown I, well taken care of, and it plays perfect. $2,000 or best offer. Call 316-633-8210.
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    Should a player's handicap drop when he reaches a certain age?

    Since my birthday is a week away, and I will be 65, I have to ask the question whether a player's handicap should drop, and at what age would you consider it proper to do so??? All of us older players know that you can not maintain the same level of play that you did when you were younger...
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    Looking for Frank Jonic!

    I am trying to locate and get a message to Frank Jonic, Canadian Snooker player. He played in the Canadian National Snooker Finals in the mid 80's. He traveled and played in the USA for awhile. He would be about 54 today. Anyone that has information about him, or that can get a message to...
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    Looking for Frank Jonic!

    I need to locate and get a message to Frank Jonic, Canadian Snooker player. I guess he played in the finals of the Canadian National Finals in the mid 80's. He would be about 54 now. Anyone that knows him, and how to get a message to him, please post, and I will pm you the message to give to him.
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    Do you think more skilled players are more intelligent than lesser skilled players?

    This is something I have thought about for the last 50 years. In the beginning, and yet even now, I have thought that getting beat was an insult to my intelligence. Either that there was something I didn't know, or that the other player could be smarter than me. Refusing to accept that, I...
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    World Cup of Pool

    This year's teams are: Europe (15 teams) Austria (12) - Albin Ouschan & Mario He Belgium - Serge Das & Cliff Castelmein Croatia - Karlo Dalmatin & Philipp Stojanovic England (3) - Chris Melling & Darren Appleton Finland (16) - Mika Immonen & Petri Makkonen Germany (1) - Ralf Souquet & Thorsten...
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    Are some Pros afraid to play some other Pros?

    In every Pool room, you have silent rankings of players, the very best player(s), the ones just under them, and so on. When you frequent these rooms you begin to learn what the rankings are. And in most cases the very best players do not play each other, they usually 'play down' where the odds...
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    Tour Directors?

    I have wondered for some time what all a tour director has to do in conducting a tour, from getting sponsors, to traveling to different sites, to the type of compensation they are paid, and by who? Let's discuss all the aspects of having a tour, and what all it entails. I am sure we have some...
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    Are JP's just decoration?

    I have played for 50 years, and only once did I have a JP set, and that was for a jump cue. I have not had a problem with dirt getting in the joint area at all, and so I ask are JP's just for decoration mostly? I am having a cue made in February, and can't decide if I should have JP's for it...
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    Old Fart's Tournament

    I played in Shooters-Wichita Seniors Tournament last weekend. It was a 32 player 8 ball tournament, race to 5 both sides. I lost my second match, and was relegated to quarter city on the 1 loss side. I managed to win my next 7 matches to get to the final. 4 of the 7 matches were against very...
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    I apologize ...
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    I want to see some Desert Ironwood cues!

    At the start of next year, I am having a player's cue made from Amboyna Burl (red, cored 3/4" and rock maple filled) and Desert Ironwood. I would appreciate seeing some cues that have some Desert Ironwood (brown color) in them.
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    Stix tourney results - Wichita, Ks.

    Stix had a great tournament last weekend. Although they didn't get as many as hoped for, the tournament still had a lot of great players. Chip Compton, from Oklahoma City, took 1st place, and Sean King, from Midwest City, Oklahoma took 2nd place. Shane McMinn took 3rd place. Also playing were...
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    Are most cuemakers busy?

    From what I have gathered is that most cuemakers are fairly busy making cues? I was just wondering, considering the state of our National Economy and Employment levels? So, are cuemakers thriving, sustaining, or depleted?
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    2 Questions

    First, since Olive Trees grow to maturity in 15 years, is Olive wood really dense enough to use in cues? Second question is, do Ebony cues have a tendency to show up smears, smudges, or cracks in the finish coat more so than other types of wood? I had a Huebler cue that was black with red...
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    Would like some suggestions from cuemakers

    I am having a cue made next year, and I want Amboyna Burl to be my main wood. I talked to my cuemaker, Bob Owen, and asked him about woods that could go with Amboyna Burl. I also asked him about what he fills it with to get the proper hit. He said Rock Maple to fill it, and said he has other...