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  1. BigRigTom

    Older Acme 9' Pool Table Questions

    Does anyone have knowledge of the Acme Pool Table? I'm trying to decide if I want to keep this table myself or possibly sell it.... and I'm not sure what it is worth. I believe it might be from the 1970's to 1980's and I have not been able to find it on the web .... at least .. not yet. :cool...
  2. BigRigTom

    Trying to ID a cue I bought

    I purchased an unusual cue on a whim in a pawn shop in Bakersfield and I like it a lot. I am having the tip replaced and the shaft reconditioned and I started wondering about it's origin. Does anyone recognize this cue? Or does anyone maybe know who could have made it
  3. BigRigTom

    Videos of BigRigTom Practicing 14.1

    I just upgraded my Vimeo account so I could upload videos there. The 1st two I uploaded were of me practicing 14.1 As many of you already know, I have been trying to break my high run of 27!:angry::o I know.......I know....:o Any of you that have the time...
  4. BigRigTom

    I play mediocre straight pool ... but....

    I keep seeing you guys posting these, what you call "small runs" of less than a 100 balls and I am still trying to break my high run of 27! It was starting to sort of get to me but then I had a little talk with myself and examined where I am with my game as a whole. What I realized is that I...
  5. BigRigTom

    1974 Brunswick Sierra Pro 8 foot Table $500

    I am selling it because I am getting a 9' Table Finally. This is a great table at a great price. :cool: Here is the link to the listing on Craigs List: Here is a picture too:
  6. BigRigTom

    Rules variations? and applied rules to High Run.

    I finally broke my high run of 25 (while in a match against my friend Wednesday night 11/25) but then missed the easy shot on the 28th ball which would make my new high run 27 .... but .... not really!:mad: I accidently touched a ball in the stack with the side of my cue while bridging over the...
  7. BigRigTom

    Who won at Hard Times Yesterday 11/1/09

    We couldn't stay to the end yesterday at Hard Times and it looked like it was going to be a while before the winner was determined. Does anyone know who came in 1st, 2nd etc? There was some controversy over the pot money which caused the players to stop playing and then just a little while...
  8. BigRigTom

    14.1 Continuous Straight Pool - My new obsession

    14.1 Straight Pool is my lastest challenge and when I think about it I am amazed it took this long for me to get engrossed in this game. I was fortunate enough to be in the live audience in Chicago at the Pick Congress Hotel in 1989 to see Oliver Ortmann beat Steve Mizerak in the U.S. Open. My...
  9. BigRigTom

    What is a "Perfect" break-ball + Cue Ball position?

    I asked this question on the main forum from ignorance on my part and while I received a lot of great advise and opinions and comments.... nobody actually answered my question. I know there will be certain preferences based on the way one shoots but there must be a couple of "smart" choices that...
  10. BigRigTom

    What is a perfect break-ball set up in 14.1?

    I am trying to learn 14.1 and my transition between racks truly sucks. I run 14 balls, get what I think is a pretty good break-ball & cue ball position then when I break I am luck to even have a shot much less a good shot plus a good break and opportunity to run the rack again....consequently my...
  11. BigRigTom

    CCB at Billiards Digest down still

    Has anyone heard what the problem is at the Cue Chalk Board or ? They have been down for a few days now.:(
  12. BigRigTom

    Funny pic/gif thread...This is dead on.

    To all my blue collar work and truck driver friends, this guy seems to be fed up with all the BS people in this world. Get real and just go buy his concrete blocks at $1 each!
  13. BigRigTom

    The sound of a pro shooting pool???!!!???

    I noticed something that was an awaking for me when I watch the exhibition matches at Butera's Billiards Friday night...(4/24/2009) was the "SOUND OF THE BALLS" when shot by world class professional players. That "SOUND" is different than when people like me shoot pool! Johnny Archer, Nick...
  14. BigRigTom

    Stroke analysis and embedded Videos

    I finally got it all to work correctly! Check out these 2 videos in the same post. One is Efren Reyes and the other one of the "Australian Oyster" What a world of difference in the actual execution of a stroke!
  15. BigRigTom

    The Bat-Forum = New Billiards related forum

    I removed the links in an attempt to avoid offending anyone. I look forward to promoting the lively discussion of all kinds of Billiard Associations (APA, BCA, IPT, VNEA etc.), all types of leagues and teams and also tournaments. We even have a section where you can list equipment (New or...
  16. BigRigTom

    Mike Massey by Meucci Pool Cue

    I am still trying to get information on the "Mike Massey by Meucci" pool cue a fried purchased on EBay. I posted a tread on here a while back but got very little response, here is a link to that original thread if anyone cares to see the pictures. Need Help Id'ing a "Mike Massey by Meucci" poo...
  17. BigRigTom

    Need help ID' IDing Cue "Mike Massey by Meucci"

    Here is a vintage cue purchased by my friend. Meucci fans are sorta hard to figure aren't they? Anyone remember this model or have any ID information on it or similar cues. I played with this one a little and it hits great! It does NOT have a red dot or a black bulls eye shaft and the tip...