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    Dan Dishaw

    Could someone please PM me Dan Dishaw's email address, I would like to contact him. His website only offers a telephone number. Thanks in advance Headmuses
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    Table Mechanic in the Kokomo Indiana area

    Who is in the area able to give my son an estimate to recloth and level a table. Thanks Headmuses
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    Any information on this Tiffany table is appreciated

    Fellow AZ members, my son just purchased a house in Indiana. The owners left a pool table in the house and I have never heard of a Tiffany pool table before. Googled it with no success. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Regards Walt.
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    Looking for a 314 Cat or 314-2 Radial, Black collar

    Looking for a very very good to mint condition 314 Cat or 314-2 must meet original specs and must be straight. No dings, scratches or scrapes please. What's our there AZ'ers?
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    Mistaken Identity Not on Ebay

    Classic case of mistaken identity, not an Ebay auction, but I didn't know where to post. LOL ;);)
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    Anyone interested in old Brunswick cues?

    Found this on a local listing, these cues are near Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. Not my ad, just caught my eye. Headmuses.
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    Porper Big Shaver For Sale Used only a couple of times...excellent condition
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    Porper Big Shaver For Sale

    Excellent condition...only used a few times. $60.00 plus shipping.
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    McDermott Identity Needed

    A friend of mine has this cue made by McDermott in the nineties. It was a custom order by my friend, I apologize for the bad photo's. The cost for this cue was over $1000 originally. Anyone ever seen or know the model number of it. The white is ivory. Stainless Steel joint and McDermott quick...
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    Large Bore Headstock?

    Anyone have a large bore headstock fitted with a four jaw chuck that will fit on to a Taig Lathe Bed and is sitting around collecting dust and wants to get rid of it please PM me. Thanks
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    Kevin Varney BEM/Purple Heart Cue Review

    Well, I have had this cue for about three weeks now, and let me tell you, it usually takes me quite a while (months) to get used to a cue. This one however feels like I have played with it for a very long time. I just feel the hit and balance was custom made for me, but the truth is I purchased...
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    Meucci FR-3 For Sale Or Trade

    Thanks for the interest cue has been sold I have a very nice Meucci FR-3 for sale or trade. Comes with a "Red Dot" shaft with matching rings instead of the usual Black Dot shaft that was offered for this cue as most of the black dots the original owner opted for the Red Dot hard...
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    Joss Custom

    What era are these Joss Customs from and what are they worth? Thanks in advance Headmuses.
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    What Does It Take To Make A Taig Useable?

    Ok, the craftmasnship of the Taig basic metal lathe looks good. But what do I need to do, purchase and modify this to make it a good repair lathe? What I want to do is basic tips, ferrules, shaft cleaning. what's it going to cost me to set up a basic metal lathe Taig? Or....should I just get a...
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    Joe Porper Little Shaver

    Bought it...used it once...then went to layered I dont need it. First ten bux plus shipping gets it. A great little tool for guys that like single layered tips like Le Pro's or Milk Duds...
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    WTT Original Pre-Cat 314 Predator 5 16/14 For An ORiginal Pre-Cat Logo Uniloc 314

    I have a mint pre-cat logo Predator 314 shaft 5 16/14 pin. Want to trade on an original pre-cat logo Predator Uniloc 314 shaft. I am willing go through a "proxy" agent so both parties are satisfied with the deal as this is my first AZ offer. This shaft is mint, and rolls dead straight. I have...
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    Does Anyone Make JP's for these?

    Hello, I have an old Dufferin two piece that isnt worth much, but it has great sentimenal value to me. It was actually given to me by an old WW-II Vet who couldnt see anymore and thought that his old cue should be given to someone who was just learning to play. Well that was over 35 years ago...